Dua Lipa UK ELLE August 2020

UK Elle August 2020: Dua Lipa by Zoey Grossman

Given the pandemic and social distance restrictions, the pre-pandemic content magazine Magazinen is helping to produce "new" issues, particularly the British ELLE. Farrah Storr decided to shoot Margarita Gambles from her German counterpart for last month's edition. This month, the magazine expects its American cousin to recycle a Dua Lipa cover shoot in August 2020. Originally part of the May 2020 U.S. edition of ELLE, Storr chooses a close-up of the British singer shot by Zoey Grossman for the bold and eye-catching cover.


The cover has certainly received a response from our forum members. "So damn ugly and dated. The Canadian ELLE has reprinted this editorial much better, ”Srdjan emphasized.

“Farrah really wants her to be remembered as an EIC that brought back reprints in 2020. Her tenure was full of reprints. It is not cute. I mean, come on! There was hardly any excuse for reprints in 2007. What makes her think she is excusable now? And let's not blame the pandemic, ”MON proclaimed.

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"The highlighted text looks terrible! It looks like an old edition of Girlfriend Australia, but it's worse, ”said crmsnsnwflks.

Benn98 agreed: “It looks so dated. Most Farrah reprints do this. "

GivenchyHomme wasn't there either. "It would have been better without this ridiculous hand. It looks like she's going to get her latte from the barista at Starbucks. "

Although not everyone thought the same. “I just like it (including the highlighted text) because Art Direction takes me back to the good old days of British ELLE around 2008 when the font and layout selection of the magazine was ahead of the curve. The volume of this cover reminds me of those times – and I don't complain, ”said vogue28.

UK Elle August 2020: Dua Lipa by Zoey Grossman


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