Vogue Portugal July August 2020 The Insanity Problem

Vogue Portugal July / August 2020: The topic of madness

In April Vogue Portugal aroused the anger of our forum members after two “sticky and tasteless” covers. Now the magazine does it again. As part of the combined July / August edition, the title contains four covers for "The Madness Issue", one of which has already been pulled from the kiosk about the representation of mental illnesses. Branislav Simoncik's controversial cover shows a model in a bathtub with two nurses. The second, less offensive cover by Debora Brune shows model Robina Sommer on a makeshift beach in the streets of Berlin. Marjan Jonkman appears on Alex Blonde's third cover, while Ricardo Santos captured the fourth and final cover with a portrait of a heart.


A violent debate broke out on our forums. "Oh, that makes me uncomfortable," said MON the moment the first cover (top left) fell off.

“Steven Meisel made it fashionable. It just looks uncomfortable, ”repeated Mikel.

SRank shared the same feeling: “Why on earth would you insert such a cover in a fashion magazine without even bringing it into fashion? It would still be open to backlash, but it would look a lot more logical and realistic than just trying to make it cool. "

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“The first cover is shit – frankly, that's not a great illustration of mental health. And it should definitely not be on a Vogue cover of all places, ”proclaimed lauralynn025.

“Covers one and four show how backward the people who made them are. The last one seems to have borrowed the heart support from a biology classroom. It's all so literal and fictional and clearly shows a lack of understanding when it comes to mental health, ”criticized Benn98.

"Do these editors know what Vogue is about these days?" MDNA wondered.

Vogue Portugal July / August 2020: The topic of madness


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