This Fundamentals Model Is Extra Revolutionary Than It Appears

This Basics Brand Is More Revolutionary Than It Looks

Welcome to our latest editorial initiative, Who wears what SpotlightHere we will use our editorial platform, social networks and advertising inventory to spotlight small businesses that need our support now more than ever. Every week we will introduce a new fashion or beauty company. If you own a small brand and would like to be considered for the program, please apply here.

Like many of the business women we featured in Who What Wear Spotlight, Karla Welch developed her brand from a void she discovered in the market – in her case while working as a stylist. Her client Justin Bieber had made it her job to request extra long T-shirts, and after finding the fit he liked for him for some time, she found that she had the market options available to her. didn't like either. And in 2017, x Karla was born, offering basics made of T-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts (cropped and not cropped). neon and neutral; colored and solid – all at affordable prices.

What a retail foray was largely inspired by the days of her youth she spent in her father's men's fashion store in British Columbia. She helped run the cash register at the age of 9, but it was one of several jobs she held until she started as a stylist in LA, where she followed Love in 2002.

After almost two decades in the styling world, Welch has acquired the dossier from prominent customers. She uses this platform and role in the industry to make bold political statements and sometimes even recruits her prominent customers to raise awareness of causes like #MeToo. In 2018, she dressed eight women in black so that the Golden Globes show solidarity with the victims of sexual assault in the workplace.

The discrimination that plagues the profession and society as a whole has long been on Welch's radar. She dresses her female celebrities in statement outfits by luxury designers, empowering them to embody the trust and authority they are supposed to show the world. It also ensures that their collaboration benefits are effective. The proceeds from their first capsule collection, made with Levi & # 39; s, went to Everytown, a non-profit organization that focuses on gun control regulations and the ending of gun violence in America. Her recent collaboration with Dockers benefits The Trevor Project, a non-profit suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ + youth.

And nowadays, Welch uses the extra time she has from on-site protection to re-focus and focus on her priorities. Much of this time is spent using her platform to raise awareness of Black Lives Matter, reproductive rights and DACA as the good that she sees in humanity drives her forward.

Read on for our detailed interview with Welch.

Tell us about yourself and your company.

Well, x Karla really started out as a necessity because I had to make a special shirt for Justin (Bieber) that wasn't on the market. Then I realized that the t-shirt I wanted wasn't there either – at least not for the price I wanted to spend. That's how we started. Now we're working together and basics, and all sorts of things are coming. Basically, it's always something I need and want to do to create a perfect wardrobe. And it is really a means for my activism: we do not do collaboration that does not include a strong donation for something we believe in, and we give something back every month.

What inspired you to start your company?

I've always loved retail. I grew up in my father's business and, in a way, always wanted a business. And as a stylist, I never felt confined to one thing. I do all sorts of things!

How have social distance and stay-at-home orders affected your company? How have your priorities shifted?

Well, we definitely adapted. Consumer spending is slowing down, so we really want to make sure that we stay sustainable and not overproduce. I mean, honestly, I really had the right time to refocus and develop a new strategy, where we are going and how we will continue to do it in a meaningful way.

Some people find joy in getting dressed and doing their beauty routine, even if they don't have to go anywhere. What do you think fashion and beauty can currently offer people? What did it do for you?

I mean, I would be lying if I said that I got dressed during this time, but my sweat is sweet! I think we always have to dream and find joy in things we love – that's self-care!

Speaking of fashion, how would you describe your work-from-home style?

Hat, comfortable x Karla t-shirt, birks and some cute pants (yes, sweats).

Apart from fashion and beauty, what brings you comfort at the moment?

People! We see terrible, terrible things, but we also see a great positive rebellion.

Which two to three of your favorite brands do you like to support and why?

I am currently supporting black-owned companies. I'm obsessed with everything from Bephies Beauty Supply. Her t-shirts are completely different from mine and I love them! Pur home cleaners are also my jam. Then I only use my money to support organizations.

What fashion or beauty trend should we not be sleeping on and why?

Sun protection. Trust me. I see the results of tanning as a teenager and it's not cute.

"It's the perfect crew. I designed it based on every French girl I've ever seen. A real boy vibe cut, and the fabric is key: a little hard and not too thin, it gets with everyone Wash better. I want you to have this shirt in 20 years! "

"This was my solution for any high-waisted pants I own. It's a boxy cut and for people who think I can't carry a crop! I'm here to say: & # 39; yes, you can you! & # 39; ""

"It's also a favorite for everyone, but it's also a great shirt for girls who don't always want a tight top. I love it so much! It's the only shirt Olivia Wilde wears!"

"This was the shirt I made for Justin Bieber. I love it and all genders dig it."

"Okay, this tank took long talks and a few rounds of protos to get perfect. But rest assured, we did it! Tracee Ellis Ross, Hailey Bieber and Megan Rapinoe called it the best tank ever!"

"Same story as above, but cut off. I love, love, love it!

"Okay, that took a lot of work and love because I'm so darn picky and crazy about my sweatshirts. But this short-sleeved … it's * a kiss on the kook *!"

"I can't believe it took me so long to get to the stripes. First, let me say that our stripes are in a row. There's a cute little top, a long-sleeved crop, and a crew, and the color combinations "Green and navy? Mustard and white? Classic Breton blue? Red? Get out of here!"

"I felt like we really perfected the outfits and then it was time to expand the colors, but always wearable and happy colors. It's something that is still going on."

"Frankly, this is a shirt that you should wear and wear and wear."

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