Kate Moss Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2020 Advert Marketing campaign

Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2020: Kate Moss by Tom Craig

Kate Moss is always a good idea. Regardless of whether she presents one of our favorite fashion glossy pictures or participates in a campaign for a mega fashion house, we accept it. Jimmy Choo is the latest to tap the British symbol for his new In My Choos collection. Kate appears in the shoe label's Pre-Fall 2020 campaign. In stark comparison to Steven Meisel's ads with Kaia Gerber, Kate looks every inch of how English beauty (with a little help from Kate Phelan) looked for photos of Tom Craig in a 17th-century country house in Northamptonshire, England .


The campaign sparked a debate on our forums. “The exterior shots remind me of their British Vogue cover, the controversial The Rolling Stones cover that never made the cut. But the boots are horrible. In fact, I find Jimmy Choo shoes generally terrible, except for those pink strappy stilettos. These look perfect on their feet, ”commented Benn98.

"It also reminds me of their British Vogue shoot … If you look at the styling, you should cast Kylie Minogue instead. Are they really trying to sell shoes?" Asked MDNA.

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“Whoever was responsible for photoshopping her legs did a terrible job. What happens in the first photo? “Asked avonlea002.

Urban Stylin was also unimpressed by the result: "You made her look like a rich puma."

"Not Kate's most beautiful moment, even I can admit that. The pictures do not evoke anything, are nothing that we have not seen before and only bring a lot of nothing to the table. A terrible and unforgivable waste of Kate Moss", disapproved of vogue28.

"I love the pink shots, I like the wingback chair shots and the rest is passable," KINGofVERSAILLES interfered.

Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2020: Kate Moss by Tom Craig


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