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Alternating bold, bizarre and full of pathos, Wes Anderson's cinematic universe is full of fantastically well-dressed characters who live from being different – the stylish eccentric. From hipster luxury by Margot Tenenbaum (The Royal Tenenbaums) to vintage energy from Suzy Bishop (Moonrise Kingdom) to Max Fischer's subversive approach to schoolboy style (Rushmore), Anderson's films offer instructions on how to dress and nobody else.

The love of the unexpected unites the wardrobes of all three characters. Margot, the frustrated child prodigy, whose expressionless manner hides deep sadness, sneaks through the Royal Tenenbaums in furs, polo dresses and loafers, an outfit whose preppiness is dared by dramatically coal-framed eyes, an oversized red hair clip with a retro mood and an a wooden prosthetic finger . In the meantime, Moonrise Kingdoms stylish tween runaway Suzy combines Sunday School chic to the fullest with a primitive 60s-style cotton dress and striking Peter Pan collar that stands out well from the wild undercurrents of her personality . Similarly, Max Fischer, whose passion for quirky extracurricular activities and great romantic gestures knows no bounds, storms Rushmore in an increasingly confident style, turning the preppy schoolboy look upside down with wild colors, quirky accessories, and surprising fabric choices.

Film stills from The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom and Rushmore, all by Wes Anderson

This time I give three looks that made Margot, Suzy and Max famous for the YesStyle treatment by adding Best-inspired edges. Read on to find the perfect mix of street style energy and classic charisma!

1. Hipster glam… Margot Tenenbaum's take

Style Inspo

A rich, luxurious mink that is casually thrown over a polo dress or champagne panties is one of Margot's best-known looks – in every season. I add playful energy to their brand of hipster luxury with a more casual but equally captivating ensemble. Instead of a striped, straight-cut polo dress and fur, I opted for a more girly version, which is designed with a loose-fitting brown coat made of furry material. The polo dress stays true to Margot's embrace of preppy traditions, while the coat increases the street's credibility. With this furry shoulder bag with leopard pattern (also available in other colors like ice blue and blush pink), which pays homage to the legendary mink of our heroine, you can increase both the style and the casual. Undermine the smoothness with a dose of childish energy and eccentric charm by adding large matte snap locks to your blunt bob before smearing the real 00 style eyeliner – the messier the better!

2. Vintage Quirkiness … Suzy Bishop & # 39; s Take

Style Inspo

Inspired by the figure-hugging silhouette, the charming old-fashioned fabric and the energy of the 60s of Suzy's clothing, I chose this figure-flattering tweed mini dress in a pink color mix, which is emphasized by a striking black bow with a large rhinestone. It's a direct allusion to Suzy's signature look when she wanders across the landscape to hear retro music, but by swapping the sorbet colors for a more dreamy palette, I'm aiming for a more reserved effect. Add ruffled knee highs from sexy ivory schoolgirls for a retro ornament, paired with cream-colored canvas platform sneakers that are enlivened by black contrasting stripes along the soles. These sneakers are a staple in the wardrobe and are great for grounding any outfit, whether you're slim, tough, or cute. They soften the bizarre sensitivity of the dress and configure the ensemble as nervous rather than elegant. Finally, loop this compact rattan handbag over your shoulder in a complicated fabric, instead of Suzy's box-shaped picnic case. With lace doilies along the flap and vintage-style flower lining, it's the perfect balance between rustic and elegant.

3. Preppy with a dandy twist… Max Fischer's take

Style Inspo

I reinterpreted Max's neat, yet elegant style for a woman's wardrobe, and I was inspired directly by our hero's theatrical combination of a slim-fit corduroy suit, bow tie and beret that dominated the last part of Rushmore . Here, however, I chose a palette of blue and purple, rather than bottle green and pink, and looser, sloppy shapes. A ditsy floral shirt in blue under an oversized dark blue cord blazer stays true to Max's extravagant spirit and frees itself from overly preppy shapes. Purple, loose-fitting suit pants in a flowing cut provide an additional touch of femininity. Instead of a bow tie, I rounded off the outfit with accessories characteristic of Max & # 39; a wool hat that screams radical philosophers, playwrights of the 60s or simply hipsters of the turn of the millennium. Its peacock blue color is a mood-enhancing and less scientific alternative to the wine red of the original.

March in time with their own drums

From a romantic adventure at the age of 12 to award-winning plays before reaching puberty to putting together a school aquarium for the object of their affection, Anderson's heroes never lack energy for outsiders and impossible ideas. Her charismatic personalities go perfectly with bold wardrobes that include everything from slim and neat to kitschy and left. They keep reminding us that sometimes an eccentric approach to life – and style – is the best approach!


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