Simone Biles US Vogue August 2020

US Vogue August 2020: Simone Biles by Annie Leibovitz

Anna Wintour has only received praise in our forums since early 2020. She started the new decade with a series of Vogue Values ​​covers, gave us a model extravaganza for April, made Gal Gadot glamorous for May, and showed other publications on how to do it with symbolic coverage in response to the global health crisis. Now Wintour is giving the cover for August 2020 to none other than Simone Biles. The Olympic gold medalist, photographed by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, wears a Bottega Veneta bodysuit on the cover of the newspaper kiosk (below) and shows her impressive gymnastics skills in Christian Dior for the digital alternative (after the jump).


Our forum members were thrilled. "Finally! For a second I thought Serena Williams was the only athlete that counted. I love it. Very rich and victorious," MON applauded.

“Correct coverage under the current circumstances. It feels wonderful and powerful, ”said MDNA.

“The first cover looks wonderful and powerful. I have to give it to Annie, she's nailing her Vogue covers! Cheered aracic.

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Marc10 could no longer agree: “Fantastic cover for a fantastic young woman. Annie is still the best for this type of cover recording. "

“The first cover is beautiful, extremely powerful in its simplicity with the strong pose by Simone and the use of the Bottega Veneta body. It is a wonderful picture for a Vogue cover, certainly very memorable and captivating, ”admired vogue28.

"Very powerful coverage! Simone exudes confidence and I love that! Even if I would have loved to have a pure fashion cover, the climate is currently too difficult for US Vogue to do that. It is a very fitting cover! "said Lola701.

It was the same with SLFC. "I wish it had fashion, but still a very cool cover. I'm pretty sure this is the first cover I've seen that actually shows strength – just like the cover says. "

US Vogue August 2020: Simone Biles by Annie Leibovitz


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