Drew Barrymore US InStyle August 2020

US InStyle August 2020: Drew Barrymore by Drew Barrymore

You have to give it to our favorite fashion shines. They are relatively easy to weather the pandemic. Titles like Vogue Paris and Vogue Japan have delivered the goods and now we can add InStyle to the list. To generate content, most editors ask cover photos to take photos of themselves, and Drew Barrymore did just that for August 2020. The American actress and entrepreneur ventured into the garden shirt with a Louis Vuitton coat, Good American jeans and a T from her own collection at the newsstand (below) and for the alternative of subscribers (after the jump).


"Did she do her own retouching too?" asked Mike.

"There are some really bizarre retouchings taking place. What on earth have you done with your eyes?" Asked Wabenkind.

"Oh, this retouching is criminal!" MON added.

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For InStyle, "The Badass Women Issue" is what "Fabulous at Every Age" is for Harper & # 39; s Bazaar. Make it stop! "Pleaded KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Badass is a Laura Brown thing. Badass and boss! So annoying. What a mess, ”criticized Benn98.

The forum member vogue28, however, disagreed. "Photoshop doesn't bother me because, to be completely honest, I can't see that much. You can immediately see that it is Drew Barrymore in the shot and think that it suits this type of relaxed styling. I like it and a big compliment to InStyle and Laura Brown for turning on the pandemic! "

US InStyle August 2020: Drew Barrymore by Drew Barrymore


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