Kourtney Kardashian Vogue Arabia July August 2020

Vogue Arabia July / August 2020: Kourtney Kardashian by Arved Colvin-Smith

You will often hear us scold magazines that recycle the same old title stars. However, Manuel Arnaut has a knack for thinking outside the box with regard to Vogue Arabia. From Nicki Minaj's first Vogue cover to the union of the model icons Iman and Imaan Hammam, we are constantly impressed. Now Kourtney Kardashian appears surprisingly in the July / August 2020 issue of the magazine, which was recorded by Arved Colvin-Smith. The American reality TV star and founder of Poosh follows in the footsteps of sister Kim Kardashian and poses for a pair of covers that give us all kinds of Andy Warhol vibes.


But what did our forum members think of the covers? "Not really that bad, actually," Mikel admitted at first glance.

“I like this Warhol-like mood, it fits the entire Kardashian story. Maybe not for a Vogue cover, but they are very nice, ”congratulated SRank.

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“I immediately thought of Andy Warhol, especially his portrait of Princess Caroline of Monaco when I looked at it. The coloring and lighting are very similar, especially in the second cover (which I very much prefer to the first). Nothing groundbreaking or particularly eye-catching (in contrast to Sister Kim's Arabic Vogue covers from Txema Yeste), but still harmless, ”said vogue28.

"The second cover is by far the best," Jorgepalomo repeated.

RMDV just didn't buy it: "I'm sorry, but it's just terrible … looks like a terrible result from Kourtney's camera roll … I'm so tired of seeing this family with all their money on covers that look like would cost a maximum of $ 400 to produce. "

"Maybe not the best looking cover, but I'll take it over any other Kardashian / Jenner," Slayage wrote.

Vogue Arabia July / August 2020: Kourtney Kardashian by Arved Colvin-Smith


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