i-D Summer time 2020 The Religion in Chaos Situation

i-D Summer 2020: The Topic "Belief in Chaos"

Thanks to Alastair McKimm, i-D is officially back on our radar. He started in 2020 with a series of "icons and idols" and asked 19 top models to pose for a digital special edition from afar in April. Now we have the issue "The Faith in Chaos" for summer 2020 with three covers to choose from. The Pharrell Williams fronts cover a (bottom) shot of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Teyana Taylor makes a dynamic pose on cover two (bottom left) captured by Mario Sorrenti. Jürgen Teller snapped Arca over FaceTime for the third and last installment (bottom right).


Pharrell's cover was the first to be scrutinized. “The strangest celebrity / photographer match in the world. Looks terrible. UNIQLO catalogs look better than this and look at the clothes – it looks like this picture came directly from there, ”disapproved dontbeadrag.

“Amateur cover. I don't understand why Mert & Marcus stopped playing with the colors and retouching their photos, which was their trademark, ”said Kokurox.

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"I'm here for Teyana. She always photographs beautifully," applauded Mepps.

Lola701 was also a fan: "I love Teyana! Great energy! "

"I like Pharrell from Mert & Marcus a little … but my favorite is Teyana Taylor. Sorrenti has worked wonders, loves the styling and posing of Teyana here, who only exudes confidence. However, Jürgen Teller's cover is an absolute embarrassment, ”vogue28 said.

In the same mood was fussy. “Even Jürgen Teller doesn't get away with such a cover. Dreadful."

i-D Summer 2020: The Topic "Belief in Chaos"


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