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As a child of the 90s, I grew up obsessed with many classic anime shows that made me the strange and wonderful adult that I am today. Sailor Moon was one of my all time favorites and a classic that I will never tire of.

If it's not obvious, Sailor Moon (along with the classic Saint Seiya from the late 80s) was one of my first motivations to learn about planets and astrology. To celebrate the birthday of the heroine of the same name on June 30, I took the opportunity to write about my favorite characters from Sailor Moon and their impeccable outfits from this generation-defining classic.

Head girl Usagi, a.k.a. Sailor Moon, is an awkward crybaby with a big heart. If she doesn't save the world, the heroine likes to go on romantic dates with her Bae Mamoru or try out new cafes with her friends. Similar to her personality, Usagi's wardrobe is filled to the brim with girlish pieces with childlike charm, ranging from a variety of casual playsuits and flowing mini-skirts to sweaters with rabbit motifs.

It was a difficult decision between Mamoru (tuxedo mask) and Seiya (Sailor Star Fighter) to represent Leo, so I decided why not both? Both characters exude an incredible Leo charm and happen to have romantic feelings for the main girl Usagi (typical cancer drama).

When it comes to style, Casual Smart is definitely Mamorus' focal point. He can almost always be seen in his iconic forest green blazer, black turtleneck and flawlessly ironed gray trousers. Every now and then he mixes in a hint of blush pink, ocher yellow or light green.

Apart from bright boy band suits, Seiya rocks more youthful and young pieces like oversized baseball shirts, tracksuits with color blocks and of course celebrity sunglasses.

The intelligent and shy Ami (Sailor Mercury) has a sophisticated, feminine and neat wardrobe as head in Usagi's squad. Amis outfits are both gentle and cute and often show their favorite color blue, which is also the color of their beautiful pixie cut! One thing this reserved Sailor Senshi isn't so shy about is the accessory as you'll see her add jeweled brooches, patterned hair bands, hats and even necklaces to boost her OOTDs!

The charming Minako (Sailor Venus) is a delight at all times. With fun and versatile outfits that are as dynamic as her personality, she is never boring. Like every librarian, Minako is a true romantic and can be seen in pretty summer dresses that exude ballerina-meets-little-house-on-the-prairie vibes. In autumn she will probably appear in her basic ensemble consisting of a classic autumn jacket, a shawl collar and a mini skirt in an A-line.

Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) may not have as much time on the screen as the others, but when she does, her outfits are as puzzling as her story. With a minimalist wardrobe in mainly black and gray, Hotaru almost always wears dresses and skirts that look doll-like. When she transforms into Mistress 9, a wicked alter ego awakened by a malicious organization, her outfit is just as magnetic: a seductive sleeveless floor-length dress with a deep V-neck, mermaid silhouette, and decorative pearl tableware.

Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) is one of the healthiest personalities on the show. Apart from being the incredibly wild and often misunderstood school sick, she is a super sweet and loyal friend who is also perfect material for women. As if to emphasize the contrasting aspects of her personality, Makoto's wardrobe sways between wild casual clothes like hoodies and loose pullovers and hyper-feminine silhouettes, which are expressed by colorful, tight-fitting pencil skirts and strap dresses.

Setsuna (Sailor Pluto) offers the ultimate Onee-Sama appeal and is one of the most mysterious Sailor Senshi. She is serious, mature and incredibly competent and her outfits say exactly that. She is usually seen in her characteristic look: a matching purple set consisting of a tailored, cropped jacket and a figure-hugging pencil skirt with a high waist, complete with a white blouse which is decorated with a purple bow. It gives corporate clothing a unique touch. Although Setsuna rarely appears in other garments, we catch a glimpse of her in a chic turtleneck knit dress and a short trench ensemble in Sailor Moon S: The Movie that reveals a little more of her casual wear aesthetic.

Haruka (Sailor Uranus) is one of the coolest characters in the series, and her boldness and individuality is evident in her androgynous style. She has almost always seen blazer jackets and pants in a typical relaxed 90s fit, mostly in her favorite colors of deep blue and earth tones. As a star racer and accomplished runner, Haruka occasionally appears in her racing uniform and sportswear throughout the series.

The elegant and seemingly delicate artist Michiru (Sailor Neptune) embodies all recognizable qualities of a typical Piscean. With all the extravagant balls and high society events she attends, Michiru never lacks breathtaking evening attire that gives a fairytale impression. Her grace is also implemented in everyday clothing in the form of midi skirts, silky tops, reserved dresses and tailored trench coats.

Rei (Sailor Mars) is hot-headed and strong-willed and is often referred to as the "adult" of the original Sailor Moon gang. Rei has to manage her diverse identities as a student, temple priestess and Sailor Senshi and exudes competence, no matter what she wears – from bubblegum pink dungarees and micro crop tops to figure-hugging dresses and oversized blazers.

As the mentor and older sister of the original team, Luna is definitely a Taurian because she is pragmatic, reasonable, and hopelessly romantic. Luna first appears in her human form in Sailor Moon S: The Movie to confess her love. In this scene, she puts on a bold, yellow strappy dress with a contrasting transparent bottom layer, which is accented with a matching bow collar and two rosettes on the chest. While this may not be commonplace, some aspects of Luna's legendary outfit can be used to inspire dynamic yet wearable looks.

Although Chibiusa actually has the same birthday as Usagi, her witty comebacks and optimistic personality seem more like the qualities of a twin. Chibiusa has a quirky head of pink hair and rocks slightly fruity and pastel shades when she's not wearing her uniform. During the Black Moon Clan Bow, the brainwashed Chibiusa transforms into her darker and older alter ego and wears a neo-Gothic inspired ensemble with a low-cut strappy dress with a scalloped hem, which has a long-sleeved mesh top with a crystal-embellished mock neck and cuffs. To further illustrate the differences in personality, the floor-length burgundy-colored dress has a daring slit that extends to the side of her leg and is fitted with dangling crystal earrings, pointed magenta-colored stilettos and a matching scarf.


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