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Electric facial cleansers have always been on our radar, but not all of us have tried it seriously. When kefii (a subsidiary of Dear, Klairs) introduces a brand new version called LULU Deepclean Brush, how can we resist the possibility of integrating it into our daily skin care routine? Especially now that the summer heat is approaching us, which requires ever more thorough cleaning programs!

The LULU is made of waterproof, bacteria-repellent silicone and can be charged via USB. It is available in two equally delicious colors – cherry and apricot – and goes perfectly with the Dear, Klairs Deep Moist Foaming Cleanser. Will it revolutionize our skin care routine … or will we return to our usual double cleaning with our proven cleaning agents? Read on for our thoughts and judgments!

Michelle: Hey … are you just wondering what everyone's cleaning routines are like? Do you have a favorite type of cleaning?

Dianne: I am definitely a gel cleaner girl! It's soothing and super gentle, especially now that my skin is irritated by wearing masks all the time.

Zoe: I'm more of a naturalist when it comes to detergents, so I've been using cold-pressed coconut oil as my main cleaner for some time now. If I have to change something, I change it with AROMATICAs Rose Absolute Cream Cleanser.

Sarah: I've been using COSRX's Good Morning Gel Cleanser with low pH for some time, but have recently switched to The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam. Love I love both!

Maureen: I used to use foam cleaner, but recently switched to VILLAGE 11 FACTORY's Refresh Cleanser GREEN. It contains konjac granules and foams when rubbed.

Michelle: I love when detergents foam, but unfortunately most of them are a little too dry for my skin! Nevertheless, I have the feeling that my face could use a really intensive cleaning. Has anyone ever thought of adding an electric facial cleanser to the mix?

Dianne: No!!! Tbh I have not used any skin care devices because they are quite expensive and I am not sure if it is worth it. I am also afraid that they will do more harm than good Lmao.

Zoe: Michelle, do you have one in mind?

Dianne: I need persuasion before I try one 😂

Michelle: Hmmm I know what you mean – I don't want to damage my face anymore! But the LULU Deepclean Brush from kefii looks pretty promising. It should be really gentle on the skin.

Dianne: Ooooh, I'm fascinated! I'm weak for pretty things!

Maureen: I have tried the NEOGENCE cleaning brush before and, frankly, was not a fan. This silicone can be charged via USB, but it looks more appealing.

Zoe: The LULU looks good! Shall we try it? I haven't tried a cleaning brush before, so I'm open 😂

Dianne: I'll be down when everyone's down. If there are bad reactions, we all go down together!

Sarah: I have never tried it either! Seems to be a lot of fun, so I'm down (but hopefully with no LOL bad side effects).

Michelle: Ok, that's done! Hopefully it will work 😂

Dianne: Oh my god i know i said i'm afraid to try it but i really love it! I felt too fast to say no to skin care devices 😂

Zoe: Hahaha, this is literally you:

Dianne: : O Omg #rude
Anyway, the LULU is super gentle and I feel like my face is being massaged! If anything, it's me:


Sarah: LOL I loved it too! I didn't know that the two sides were different at first, so I initially used the side for dry, sensitive skin … but then I discovered that the other side offered a thorough cleanse for oily skin, which was PERF for me.

Maureen: "Really?" Which side is which?

Sarah: The side with the switch-off button is for dry, sensitive skin and has evenly spread bristles. The back has uneven bristles for oily skin!

Dianne: It's definitely perfect for oily skin – my face felt so clean and smooth afterwards! It was so comforting that I almost fell asleep with it 😂

Zoe: I think my skin is too thin and weak. I actually found the cleaner a little hard on my face 🤔

Michelle: Zoe, the same thing here! I really enjoyed myself and next I know that my skin is a bit red and tingling 😂

Zoe: 😱
My reaction was not too bad, but I would definitely say that it is not as soft on my skin as I would like it to be 😂

Maureen: How long have you been using it, Michelle?

Michelle: Hmmm for quite a while haha ​​… maybe that's the reason …

Zoe: I didn't take the time. But I think it should only take about a minute …

Maureen: Yes, I think you shouldn't spend more than a minute, or you'll over-exfoliate. The general rule is forehead 20s, cheeks 10s, nose 10s, chin 10s.

Zoe: I thought I was just impatient lol.

Dianne: Ahahahah, that's fine. Apparently it can take up to 6 months after charging!

Zoe: Omg I had to charge it twice! Maybe it's because my friend uses it too …

Sarah: Michelle and Zoe, did you find the page for dry / sensitive skin better for you? Or were both sides irritating?

Zoe: I mainly used the finer side, but I also tried the back and it kind of felt the same 😂

Sarah: By the way … I really like how the brush automatically turns off after a minute, which is very convenient!

Dianne: Oh yes, I love that! It's basically a built-in function that tells you to relax lmao.

Maureen: Not mine – maybe because I kept changing modes.

Sarah: Ooh Maureen, did you prefer the stronger or the gentler attitude?

Maureen: I prefer the gentler mode because I have sensitive skin!

Dianne: I don't think I felt the difference, but on the other hand, I was probably too busy massaging my face 😂

Sarah: I actually think that the stronger setting made my cleaning foam foam more!

Zoe: I didn't even know there were two different modes! I feel like I'm missing it now 😂

Dianne: Has anyone tried other types of cleaners other than the recommended Dear, Klairs foam cleaner?

Michelle: I tried a gel cleaner and I think it worked well…. (Except for the part where I undressed excessively 🙈

Zoe: I tried my usual coconut oil and peeling face scrub. But mostly I stuck to a foam cleaner because it is the easiest to clean.

Maureen: I tried my VILLAGE 11 cleanser, but it didn't foam, so I had to massage the cleanser onto my wet face first.

Dianne: Yes, I definitely agree that foam cleaners are easier to clean. The green herbs in my MIZON gel cleaner stuck between the bristles for a while 🙁

Maureen: Exactly.

Zoe: I just applied the cleanser directly to the brush and spread it evenly before I applied it to my face. Like this:

Sarah: I only used my foam cleaner so it was easy to clean! I'm not sure it's good enough to just rinse it off with water. What have you done?

Zoe: Equal! Water only 😂

Dianne: The manual said it should only be rinsed with water. Apparently it's made with medical grade silicone to make it bacteria-free – IDK the science behind it.

Sarah: Dang, I love a good lazy girl product 😂

Michelle: Did someone later notice differences in their skin color?

Dianne: My greasy skin was definitely less after a few days, although my blackheads didn't decrease as much as I hoped.

Zoe: To be honest, not really. But I don't mind! My friend uses it more religiously than I do, so I think it's just not really for me?

Sarah: I haven't seen any big differences in my complexion either. I think the main professional is that it makes my skin feel super clean and I generally relaxed

Maureen: Wait … can you share the same device, Zoe? It feels like sharing the same toothbrush 😆

Zoe: I'm sure it's not the same 😂

Dianne: I love how the gentle vibrations on my face rocked me to sleep ~ perfect for my nightly routine.

Michelle: Yes, I have to agree, it's so comforting!

Sarah: Yes, and it's great for removing makeup traces at the end of the day.

Dianne: I think one of the other big advantages is that I have removed the peeling from my routine because it is so thorough.

Michelle: Oh, that's right, especially for me 😂

Dianne: What do you think of the shape? I personally think it's really cute, Lmao. It is so small! I thought it would be a lot bigger if you look at the pictures!

Maureen: And your face is small, Dianne.

Michelle: I definitely love how easily it fits in my hand!

Zoe: Sameee ~ It's the perfect palm size.

Sarah: I think the curved shape is great to fit all the contours of my face – especially around the eyes and nose!


Maureen: I like how it gets to every nook and cranny of the face! Like around the nose, where there are most blackheads.

Sarah: I also like how it comes in a simple design that ensures firm hold! You can also choose between two colors – my cherry version exudes a happy mood 🌞

Zoe: I find the apricot color (which seems more like a beige pink to me) to be really therapeutic.

Michelle: Really happy with my cherry version! Even if I don't use it every day, it just looks so pretty when I'm in my bathroom cabinet.

Dianne: Yes! It definitely brings a boughness to my crowded skin care cabinet 😂

Maureen: I like my apricot, the color is like "Second Skin" XD
I'm just wondering where the rest of you keep your device. I keep mine on the bathroom tiles and I'm afraid that might not be great as it never gets completely dry.

Zoe: I leave mine on a mini saucer in which I used to put tea lights. Now it's just a fixed place for me to air dry the cleaning brush.

Sarah: Maureen, the device is 100% waterproof, so should it be fine? I just leave mine on the bathroom countertop after using it.

Maureen: Good to know (: |

Dianne: Honestly ~ my wallet may not match me, but that really convinced me to try other skin care devices. 😂 The LULU far exceeded my expectations. Cleaning my skin has definitely become the best part of my evening routine ~


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