Margarita Gambles UK ELLE July 2020

UK Elle July 2020: Margarita Gambles by Victor Demarchelier

Magazines are our escape from the real world. Especially when everything is going on. Fortunately, Vogue Paris, Vogue Hong Kong and WSJ were as usual. Magazine. Now we can add the British ELLE to this list, with the release taking us to a Moroccan beach in July 2020. Margarita Gambles was recorded by Victor Demarchelier and styled by Jenny Kennedy for the German ELLE reprint. The model makes us yearn for summer vacations as she poses under the warm sunshine adorned with a look from Louis Vuitton's spring 2020 collection.


Members of our forums weren't exactly happy with the result. "Farrah Storr brought this magazine back to 2007 with REPRINTS!" switched MON the moment the cover fell off.

"The finished cover looks so dated! There were many other options they could have gone with, ”said Benn98.

In complete agreement, caioherrero was: “Why are they doing this? ELLE UK rose in sales with Anne-Marie Curtis. Why do you want to kill the magazine? "

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"It feels like they're just producing a print product to keep the brand alive and use it for event marketing," said Tigerrouge.

“This demarchelier story is also in the French ELLE. The British ELLE has lost so much of its own spirit … and that is sad. So many magazines now look the same… ”said Eric Gallais.

But vogue28 disagreed with the majority. “I have a NULL issue with a magazine that reprints content given the current situation. This cover is by no means offensive. It exudes the quintessence of the ELLE aesthetic, can appreciate the beach backdrop during this curfew, love the Louis Vuitton dress and it's nice to see some variety on the cover of the British ELLE. "

"It's a nice cover, even with the baggy outfit. I love the soft sunlight," Srdjan admired.

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