Alicia Keys US InStyle July 2020

US InStyle July 2020: Alicia Keys from Egypt & Genesis

Over the past few weeks, we've seen the industry respond to the pandemic. Vogue Italia became empty, American Vogue published a previously unpublished portrait, and British Harper's Bazaar asked Ashley Graham's husband to take pictures of the model for his covers. InStyle follows this example and the magazine welcomes Alicia Keys as the cover star for July 2020. Her husband and two children took cameras that captured the singer / songwriter who looked radiantly like the kiosk cover (below) at home, and in the Southern California sun basked after subscribers' alternative (after the jump).


The covers absolutely surprised our forum members. "It is strange that her sons can produce a better cover than half of the" photographers "working today. It has a nice atmosphere …", admired dodencebt.

"I love how beautiful she looks in both covers, the first one is really nice," said Miss Dalloway.

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“If we hadn't been blocked, I never would have thought that the cover of the newspaper kiosk was photographed by two children as opposed to professionals. It is a beautiful picture, very fresh and lively. These bright orange and pink fonts complement the picture wonderfully, ”enthused vogue28.

TaylorBinque was also a fan: "Alicia is beautiful and actually I don't mind the little make-up here. I wish the newspaper kiosk cover had a little more fashion quality, but both look better than many magazines right now."

"She looks absolutely gorgeous in both covers," proclaimed (Piece Of Me).

"I really like the cover of subscribers. The newspaper kiosk is not bad either, ”interjected Yohji.

US InStyle July 2020: Alicia Keys from Egypt & Genesis


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