Thank you so much!

Today is a pretty cool day – Emma Phipps for Allure profiled Sharethelooks (Well, I think I – I think so often in "we" and hesitate to say "I" or "I"), which is certainly a milestone for everyone in the beauty industry given Allure's long history in the beauty industry. Sometimes I found it hard to believe that these words were about me and what Sharethelooks had become in the community!

I am so surprised by the comments I received on social media today that I sat at my desk (LOL, I was in the middle of swatching / photography when everything went live this morning!) To share this with I'm almost speechless to readers of the blog. I am overwhelmed by your kind comments and ongoing support.

Thank you very much: The support I have received from readers is responsible for the longevity of Sharethelooks and has not only changed my life, but also the people (and dogs) that are close to my heart. There is no other way to repay this support than to do the best to do justice to the thoughtful words that so many of you have given me. Thank you so much!


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