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At the beginning of the year, I decided to exchange all of my favorite exfoliating products for gentler options to improve my skin condition over the long term, and haven't looked back since. I had never tried toner pads before, but when I found out that the highly enthusiastic One Step Toner Pads from COSRX, in addition to the peeling (I love a good multifunctional product), offer a number of effects and do so while calming your skin I thought it was worth a trial run. In addition to the original clearing pad, I also tried the soothing and moisturizing formulations. I felt a little doubtful of how strong or differentiated these pads could be, but trusted the performance of COSRX and started a three-week journey with these three toner pads.

Although the three pads address different skin types and concerns, the formulations have certain similarities. They are all soaked in sebum-regulating toner with BHA and have a slightly acidic pH that resembles the skin. Developed to gently remove excess sebum, dead skin cells, impurities in the pores and make-up residues, they ensure a smooth, refreshed and healthy complexion. What I found most fascinating about the pad was that its two sides serve different purposes: you should first wipe off the embossed side that provides peeling and sebum care, and then finish off with the smooth side that moisturizes and prepares the skin.

One step original clear pad

What does it do

The Original Clear Pad is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin, which is 100% my skin. It contains Salix-Alba bark water for calming, smoothing and peeling as well as betaine salicylate for regulating excess sebum, for removing dead skin cells and for melting off makeup residues. It also reduces redness, eliminates acne and refines skin texture.

Summer is almost here and it has become extremely hot and humid. I also wore face masks over my foundation every day, which led to breakouts and a deterioration in the skin texture. In essence, I urgently need everything these pads promise.

First impressions

One thing that struck me immediately was that these pads smell exactly like Neuliis AC Clean Saver Line. I've always loved the line's Fanta-like scent, and a quick comparison of the ingredients helped me determine the source: Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (orange) peel oil, which both the AC Clean Saver Line and the original Clear Pad use Properties gives super sweet, refreshing and indispensable fragrance!

When I wiped my face with the original clear pad, it gave a slightly tingling feeling. It is important to wipe gently and resist the urge to scrub. I would probably recommend using only the smooth side for those with more sensitive skin.

After the process

I have waited and waited for the original clear pad to improve my acne condition, but not only did it not remove existing spots, it also did not prevent new pimples from appearing despite continued use. I enjoyed using this after my cleanser as it made my skin feel clean, but since the other two toner pads are also soothing, smooth, and peeling, I felt that this pad wasn't doing enough to live up to its name to become.

At the same time, I also had bacne and general itching on my body due to sweating during the day. So I decided to test the effectiveness of these pads in places other than my face. I found that using these pads at the end of the day visibly cleaned and refreshed the skin on my back, arms, and chest, and I also woke up with reduced redness and inflammation. Although I was disappointed with how this pad affected my facial acne, it had more noticeable effects on other areas. In the coming weeks I will probably try to take a few pads with me to work so that I can wipe sweaty spots comfortably all day to avoid breakouts and itching.

One step Green Hero soothing pad

What does it do

The Green Hero Calming Pad contains a naturally derived Green Rx complex to soothe sensitive, irritated skin and hypoallergenic PHA to remove dead skin cells with minimal irritation. It also contains Taraxacum officinale (dandelion) extract to strengthen the skin barrier, Centella asiatica extract to refine the skin structure, Hamamelis virginiana (Hamamelis) extract to tighten the pores, tea tree leaf extract for sebum care and Artemisia princeps (mugwort) skin extract for revitalization . Although it is aimed at people with sensitive skin, this soothing, refreshing pad is ultimately suitable for all skin types.

First impressions

True to its name, the pad was very refreshing and gentle and didn't leave the tingling sensation on my skin that the original clear pad had. It also comes with a scent that is much lighter and less sweet than the scent of the Original Clear Pad. It is a more natural and earthy smell, possibly due to its numerous flower extracts such as dandelions and gardenia florida (cape jasmine).

After the process

Since I do not have particularly sensitive or irritated skin, I cannot confirm how the Green Hero Calming Pad would develop with these skin types. Although I didn't notice any noticeable differences in my skin barrier or pores during my one-week trial, these pads were consistently light, gentle, and kind to the skin and always soothed my skin at the end of a long day. I would recommend this to anyone who does not have urgent skin problems at the moment and just wants a reliable, fail-safe toner pad that can be easily integrated into their daily skin care routine.

One step moisture up pad

What does it do

The One Step Moisture Up Pad consists of propolis extract, betaine salicylate and hyaluronic acid to replenish the moisture, optimize the water-oil balance, regulate sebum secretion, remove dead skin cells and impurities in the pores and revitalize to show moist complexion. It is suitable for both dry and dehydrated, oily skin.

First impressions

Although the Moisture Up Pad contains completely different ingredients than the Green Hero Calming Pad, it has a similar light and natural smell, but with more acidic notes, possibly due to its Citrus Limon (lemon) peel oil and the Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil . I was surprised at how smooth, supple and essential this pad felt on my skin and how it felt when touched. As promised, it left a noticeable layer of moisture and food on my skin. The thin layer was not heavy, sticky, or greasy, and soaked into my skin very quickly.

After the process

First of all, I think it's great that the Moisture Up Pad is aimed specifically at dehydrated oily skin. For many years I used sharp products that dried my oily skin because I believed that this was the desired result. It wasn't until much later that I learned that my skin was actually dehydrated, which is why it produces too much oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. The moisture that this pad provides is light and soothing, making it a great substitute for morning cream moisturizers that take longer to soak in the skin and are unsuitable for hurried routines. Due to its undeniable, immediate results and its general practicability, I have to say that the Moisture Up Pad is my personal winner among the three.

General thoughts

Although most consumers will likely commit to using only one of the three toner pads, I actually found it useful to have all three on hand, at least for my skin type. Sometimes I enjoy using them one at a time: Original Clear to fight my acne, followed by Green Hero Calming to relieve the tingling feeling and Moisture Up to make sure I get my much needed moisture. If you don't want to overload your skin by stacking it, you can keep the pads for different days and skin conditions.

These pads are not only multifunctional in the sense that they have a variety of effects, but can also be used in different areas of your body! I am also amazed at how comfortable they are on the go. All you have to do is pull a few pieces out of the large tubs and pour them into small containers. Not only are they used for quick pick-up on long school or work days, they are also perfect for vacation, as they circumvent the annoying restrictions on hand luggage liquids. All in all, I can definitely imagine reaching for these toner pads day and night.

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