10 Superior Methods to Pamper Your self at Dwelling

Great ways to pamper yourself at home

Who doesn't like to be pampered? And if the person who loves you the most is YOU, why should you wait for others to pamper you? Working, doing housework, cooking, and everything in between can take a toll, and a little "me time" rejuvenates you after a long, hard week. Friday night works best for that! Here are the things that play a role in my pampering routine.

1. Take a sensual bath: This is without a doubt at the top of the list. Pour a few drops of your preferred essential oil into your bath water, throw in a few rose petals, dab on a good hair mask and face mask, and relax for a good 10-15 minutes. Complete it with a good exfoliation of your body.

2. Hop into cute clothes: Wear your favorite pajamas or fluffy robe, put on these furry rabbit slippers, everything that makes you feel warm and blurry.

3. Light some candles: There is nothing better than candles to improve the atmosphere in your area. Light candles of different shapes, colors, sizes and scents in different corners of your bedroom. Vanilla, chocolate, green apple, cinnamon – you name it, you have it.

4. Feed your skin: Take the time to apply some good body oils or creams to your body, paying attention to each part of your body separately. Examine how your feet look, how your knees look. You are in no hurry! Here is a list of 10 amazing beauty oils for glowing skin.

5. Drink soothing tea, coffee, or hot cocoa (depending on your mood!): Take your favorite mug, add hot water and pull in 1 or 2 bags of your favorite tea. Chamomile is one of the most soothing and calming teas on the market. You can choose between lemon, lavender, caramel, mint or almost anything you like. Or whip up a cup of hot chocolate with a little cream.

6. Try this manicure and pedicure at home, which can be done in simple steps.

7. Pamper and brighten your skin with natural ingredients straight from your kitchen.

8. Take a nap in the afternoon. There is nothing more refreshing than a good night's sleep.

9. Spend at least 40 minutes training – you can try yoga sasanas (which would also help you lose weight) and these cardio exercises that you can easily do at home.

10th Listen to soothing music: This can be done together with the other activities. Play a slightly soothing playlist or background symphony that's not loud enough to focus on what you're doing, yet is there to keep you entertained.

Read something: Stay away from your phone: decline WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Instead, take a book you've always wanted to read. Drown completely in it.

Write in your diary: Our busy schedules make it impossible for us to keep a diary of our everyday events. This pampering time is a great way to write about the week that has just ended and to think about yourself.

Do you pamper yourself at all? Do you pamper yourself enough? Time to think!

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