Emma Chamberlain Attract June July 2020

Allure June / July 2020: Emma Chamberlain by Lindsay Ellary

Michelle Lee is definitely on the cutting edge when it comes to choosing cover themes for Allure. She made history in early 2020 with a Billy Porter cover, gave us the Dixie Chicks for April and only welcomed the South Korean pop sensation Jihyo last month. Now YouTube superstar Emma Chamberlain is making her debut in the beauty magazine with Louis Vuitton, courtesy of Leah Adicoff for Allure's June / July cover, shot by photographer Lindsay Ellary.


However, the result did not hit our forum members. "This is what we all looked like when we were told to stay home," said an unimpressed Yohji.

"This is an ugly cover," cried jal718.

"Why does she look so miserable? Terrible, just like their cosmopolitan cover, ”Srdjan criticized.

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Benn98 was also underwhelmed: “Allure is a beauty magazine, why not a beauty vlogger instead? One that is not problematic? This happens when you hire an editor who has no understanding of the beauty industry. Michelle Lee runs this magazine as if it were a lifestyle magazine. Beauty first! "

"This magazine is lost!" Caioherrero repeated.

"Is it 2010? Are we still putting YouTubers on the front pages of major women's magazines? I don't want to see her, I want to see Barbara Palvin or Candice Swanepoel. Thank goodness I didn't renew my Allure subscription! "exclaimed ThickGlossies.

"A quick Google search informed me who Emma Chamberlain really was, because otherwise I had no idea (and obviously I don't have to). Not an event for me, but it's a perfect cover picture and has an American Vogue quality and I have certainly seen worse things, ”vogue28 defended.

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