See Catherine O’Hara’s Drone Photograph Shoot For Self-importance Honest

See Catherine O'Hara's Drone Photo Shoot For Vanity Fair

Leave it to Catherine O & # 39; Hara to sum up the exact amount of extra that I am trying to be this summer – of course with a twist at home. To the Vanity FairJune edition that Schitt & # 39; s Creek Star contacted her inner Moira Rose and posed for a glamorous photo shoot that was taken by drone. And yes, there were several wigs and fancy clothes. I mean, will it be much more typical than Moira ?!

The legendary actress wore various luxurious outfits for the shoot, which took place in her spacious, woody backyard, including both designer items and items from her personal wardrobe. While lounging by the pool for the frame-worthy drone snapshots, she looked divine in a speckled Crualen de Vil fur coat from Balenciaga, worn with her own black swimsuit and black bob wig reminiscent of that Moira for her jazz agals are auditioning. She later posed for socially distant pictures on her lemon tree and rocked a pink Balenciaga jacket with her own black boots and short platinum blonde hair piece, similar to Moira's wig from the (canceled) Poison concert series in season five. Oh, the memories!

During the magazine's interview, Catherine shared her time as a matriarch with the Rose family, her many failed auditions, and more. Go to Vanity FairOn the website you can read the whole story and see even more breathtaking snapshots from the star's upcoming backyard photo shoot.

Image source: Art Streiber / Vanity Fair


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