Methods to Get Paint Out of Clothes in four Steps

How to Get Paint Out of Clothing in 4 Steps

If you don't opt ​​for this deliberately splattered look, you're probably not going to be thrilled when you get color on your clothes. Because paint is stained, it can feel like a disaster equivalent to spilling red wine on a white sofa. However, there is good news: spilling paint on your clothes is not exactly the misfortune you imagine. In fact, with the right tools, it's pretty easy to get your clothes back to their original condition. Before we dive in, there's a note: if this is a particularly expensive or valued garment, professional dry cleaning may be the safest way. Read on to learn how to remove color from clothing in just four easy steps.

The most important item you need to have on hand is Isopropyl alcohol. This almost magical detergent is also a good idea to disinfect cuts and scratches, treat most fabric stains, and keep your workstation clean.

You will also need warm water, a clean cloth and an old toothbrush.

Note that The following substances cannot be cleaned with this method– Bring them to the cleaners instead: silk, wool, acetate, and rayon.

The garment does not need to be soaked, but you want the affected area to be completely damp before proceeding to the next step. Be sure to use clean, warm water.

Thoroughly saturate the stained part of clothing with isopropyl alcohol. Note, the higher the concentration, the better: if possible, use 99% alcohol.

Get to work with your brush and scrub the paint. As the alcohol unfolds its magic, the paint should begin to dry, peel and crumble. If stains come off, remove them with your cloth or by hand and don't be afraid to rinse the area regularly with extra alcohol.

When you have removed the color thoroughly, complete the process by washing your garment as usual. If the garment does not contain any special care instructions, wash it warm in the machine and then dry it as usual. Do not let the garment wash or dry while the color is still there, because this process "burns in" stains.

Now that you know how to remove color from clothing, you can roll up your sleeves and return to your project.

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