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Summer is the perfect time to flaunt fresh and vibrant nail colors. The summer season may be a little different this year, but don't let that stop you from rocking a fresh manicure, even if it's one DIY variety. Do you love to experiment with different nail polish colors? Read on to find out which colors you should definitely try this summer.

Blue deserves to be on the list of all nail colors – after all, Classic Blue Pantones is color of the year. There are so many beautiful shades of blue that you can try, such as: B. sky blue, navy or even turquoise. NATURE REPUBLIC's ink roller in # 08 Blue Pop is a beautiful shade of blue that goes with any summer outfit. This nail polish has a strong color payout and dries matt.

Yellow nails? Yes, please! Vibrant yellow nails can brighten your day and maybe your whole summer! You will find a beautiful and lively shade of yellow The Saem & # 39; s Nail Wear Summer Beach Collection called # 101 vanilla syrup. This nail polish is durable and can be applied so smoothly. To make it last longer, end your nail polish application by adding a layer or two Top coat.

Glitter will never go out of fashion no matter what time of year. You can wear glitter nail polish on your own or spice up your solid color. Simply add a few layers of your glitter nail polish of your choice to your colored nails. If you want super funny nails for summer, join in Holika Holika's piece Matching Nails Summer Flake Edition. This glittering nail polish is mixed with hologram flake glitter, so that you get both colors plus glitter in one. It is the best of both worlds!

Dark green may not be a very vivid shade, and it may even seem like an autumn color, but this deep, rich shade is a great contrast for summer outfits like a couple short jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Dark green nail polish is also noticeable when you get a nice tan this summer!

If dark green isn't really your thing, but you still want to flaunt green nails this summer, try a lighter shade of green like pistachio, mint, or sage green. MISSHA's The Style Lucid nail polish in # GR11 is a bright and refreshing nail polish color for summer.

Orange is a great color to add extra warmth to your hands. Try the look with 3CEs Take A Layer Layering Nail Polish in the shade Soft orange. This nail polish duo has a light and darker shade that you can use to create gradient or ombre nails.

First, apply the lighter orange color to your nails, and then spread the darker shade of orange on the top piece of your nails. Finally, always apply a coat of top coat so that your nail polish lasts longer and you don't waste all the effort to varnish your nails!

If you've already tried all of the vibrant nail polish colors and want to improve them even further, a bare or neutral color is the way to go. A naked manicure is classic and a perfect nail look for everyday life. Holika Holika's matching nail polish in shade # BR02 is a breathtaking neutral shade that looks great on all skin tones. You can rely on the fast drying and long lasting formula of this nail polish to get well polished nails all summer long.

If you like painting your nails with these vibrant summer colors, you can also paint them on your toes. After all, summer is sandal time. So why not flaunt a DIY pedicure?

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