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For Mother's Day we share our favorite beauty tips that we received from our own mothers! Mother knows best. Read on for skin care and wellness tips from your dearest mother and comment below if your mother has imparted wisdom that you still use today!

Start using antiaging products in your early 20s

Zoe: I remember that the first useful skin care tip my mother ever gave me was to start using anti-aging products in the early 20's.

Dianne: When did she give you this advice 😂 and isn't that too early?

Zoe: The thing is, she told me that when I was in college last year, and I was stressed about the deadlines. I literally said to her: "Isn't it a little later than if you should have told me ?!"

Maureen: It's pretty early – better late than never!

Zoe: It's true! When I was in my mid-20s, my skin changed so quickly that I wished I was better prepared 😭

Dianne: I think Sarah and I should follow this advice, although it's kind of fun to use anti-aging products at that age. Hopefully my future self will thank me for that.

Romy: I wish I had followed your mother's advice before I reached 25! Did you start following her advice after your college years?

Zoe: I did it for a while and stopped, and now I'm sticking to it religiously 😂

Michelle: Yes, when someone who regrets big skin speaks, I can honestly say that Zoe's mother's advice is just right … it's never too early!

Sarah: I always go straight through anti aging products and think the stuff is better for my mother than me, but I think it's safer than sorry – I should start as soon as possible 😟

Dianne: I think Zoe actually told me her mom's tip some time ago and that's why I tried The anti-aging skin care line from Pure Lotus ♥ ️ It is definitely a great tip.

Zoe: Haha good memory! I also make sure that at least one anti-aging product is part of my skin care routine!

Secret key - start of treatment essence

My current holy grail is Secret Key launch key essencewhat I have funnily introduced to my mother and sisters and they swear by it now!

Sleep early and stay hydrated, or no amount of product can save your skin

Sarah: My mother has only been interested in skin care in recent years … and she is in her late 50s! She was always super minimalistic – the only time she ever put on her make-up was for her wedding day. I think the only advice she has ever given me is how important it is to sleep early and drink a lot of water

Maureen: That is my goal in life.

Zoe: I try so hard to drink at least 2 liters of water every day, but it's super heavy. Sometimes you just forget "As for early sleep … um, I'm more of a night owl"

Sarah: As a child she punished me if my water bottle wasn't empty after a day at school – she took away my Disney Channel privileges 😂

Romy: That is really true! I was a night owl and my mother made me fall asleep early even though I had never listened.

Dianne: Most importantly, I try to sleep well and drink tons of water the day before. That hasn't disappointed me yet!

Sarah: Frankly, I still find it hard to sleep early … but then she'll come out and tell me how pointless all skin care is in the world if you don't sleep until midnight because your body is unable get rid of certain toxins – or such mother science.

Dianne: Omg yes, Mom Science, I love that 😆

Sarah: You know that one day we will all pass on mother science to our children. LOL.

Start your morning with a warm glass of water

Zoe: My mother also has her own wellness theory when it comes to drinking water.

Don't drink too much water before going to bed and always drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning.

Dianne: : O I saw a video from BTS sharing their skin care tips and Jimin was the same! He said he had a glass of water by his bed so he could drink it when he woke up!

Romy: The same applies here. My mother cut lemon wedges and put them in a warm cup of water so I could drink them in the morning. She says drinking lemon water helps get rid of your body's toxins.

Michelle: Omg my mother is the same! She absolutely swears by the power of the lemons – either eaten alone or immersed in water!

Zoe: Exactly! The key is that it has to be warm water, otherwise it won't work. My mother also says it warms the stomach for breakfast, lol.

Romy: Yes, never cold water 😆

Zoe: But I hate lukewarm water, so I only drink freshly boiled hot water.

Sarah: I remember that Yuri from SNSD also had a tip about lemon juice and carbonated water! It is said to give you radiant and flawless skin. I tried it for a while and personally the taste was hard to get used to, but it really worked wonders 😍

Dianne: I think it's definitely something we always forget when we go au naturale for skin care, but it's a MUST for good long-term skin!

Apply fresh aloe leaf to sunburned skin

Maureen: My mother grew plants and herbs with which she cured skin problems, e.g. B. put fresh slices of aloe on my sunburned skin.

Dianne: OMG let me meet your mother! We can be plant plants together.

Aloe is definitely great for the skin and I think it's perfect for every skin type! Throw it in the fridge overnight and it's perfect for cooling your skin in summer. It's also so easy to grow!

Maureen: You and you would be totally bffs! Yes, she would cool a large piece of aloe leaf in the fridge and slice it if necessary.

Romy: I love fresh aloe vera! It definitely helps relieve sunburns. My mother also applied fresh aloe to her scalp. I remember she said it made her hair grow, but I never tried it, so I'm not sure how accurate she is.

Sarah: I use aloe gel when I have a sunburn and I love how calming and refreshing it is, but I have never tried fresh aloe! Unfortunately I don't have a green thumb 😔

Dianne: Sarah, you can try it Aloe gel mist from the natural republic. It's so good and you don't have to grow it LOL.

Nature Republic - Soothing and Moisturizing Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist

Zoe: My mom is an ultimate #plantmom too, but for some reason she never grew up with aloe. However, my piano teacher did and she opened it to show me the jelly and spent ages telling me all about its benefits 😂

Sarah: Dianne, I've tried her gel, but not her mist! I love that stuff – – You can apply it to absolutely anything from your hair to nails to your face 💚

Dianne: A fog is such a must – it is so soothing and a great pick-me-up on these hot days.

Apply coconut shavings to hair to keep it healthy and shiny

Dianne: I'm talking about alternatives to natural products instead of coconut water and chips Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Polish Serum now.

I would not say that this is only from my mother since my aunt, grandma and great grandmother also gave me this advice. They basically told me coconut is amazing for hair! When I used to have fresh coconut, my grandma used the bark as a hair mask and my hair smelled divine and looked shiny! Now I just stick to a monthly coconut oil hair mask.

Palmer & # 39; s Coconut Oil Hair Polish Serum

Zoe: I love coconut oil! Did you know that unrefined / cold-pressed coconut oil is also good for calming and cleaning the skin? I have been using it every day since I had eczema last spring 🙏

Maureen: I haven't tried coconut oil on my hair because I always have such short hair, but I tried to apply coconut oil as a mild sunscreen. It only makes your skin glow while you tan.

Dianne: I haven't tried that yet, but I knew that coconut was just UHMAZING. I plan to plant one in the near future so I can access it every day.

Romy: Coconut oil is the god of all oils. I tried to use it as a hair mask and couldn't believe how soft my hair was, especially my dry ends! I need to add some coconut oil, so I might try Palmer's Coconut Oil Hair Polisher Serum!

Sarah: I had no idea coconut oil was so multifunctional! Do you have any other product recommendations that contain coconut oil?

Dianne: There is a spray version of the Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Polish Serum for the roots, which appear to be lighter, but I haven't used them yet (it's already in my shopping cart).

Palmers - Coconut Oil Strong Roots Spray

Michelle: I'm definitely taking notes If you– My hair has been super dry lately

Dianne: YES! When I think about making a hair mask, my dry curly hair looks scratchy.

Michelle: Your hair ALWAYS looks amazing! I really love all of these home recipes. Seems I should have spent more time with my mother, who chooses her brain for skin care / hair care tips 😂

Use frozen raw protein on pimples

Maureen: When I was talking about home remedies, my mother used this trick too – she left leftover raw protein in broken egg shells, covered it with cling film, kept it in the fridge, and applied it to pimples!


I have never heard of it, although I have heard of using egg membranes! Defos will try that! When I wear a mask all day, my skin breaks out like CRAAAZZZZYYY.

Maureen: She said it would help promote healing and fade scars.

Zoe: I haven't tried pimples, but I've tried using protein on light burns!

Romy: 😮 My mother also uses raw protein, but not for pimples. She uses it as an eye mask to tighten the skin under her eyes!

Maureen: Yes! As the protein dries out, there is this fun feeling of tightening.

Romy: Maureen, does it work for older or only fresh acne spots?

Maureen: She applies it to both. Maybe that's the only acne cure she knows.

Sarah: I've always known that you can cook and eat eggs in a million ways, but I had no idea it worked for acne, burns, and the area around the eyes? Maureen, did your mother tell you how she found out about this home remedy?

Maureen: I never asked where this recipe came from, but I tried Zombie by SKIN 1004 pack and I think it feels and works the same way!

As for the eggshells, my mother would put them in the soil of her plants as fertilizer.

Skin 1004 - Zombie Pack Set (Korea Edition)

Romy: OMG, my mother, recently told me to do the same to add eggshell to my plants as fertilizer.

Our mothers really know best 😀

Maureen: ULTIMATE USE of an egg.

Although I'm honest, I'm not using this recipe now because I don't cook!

Dianne: This tip is great because you can always get egg anywhere and it's so affordable!

Michelle: Now I know what I'm going to do with the eggs that are in my fridge!

Romy: My mother always told me to never touch or burst my pimples to avoid acne scars. She would even tell me not to look at her. Thanks to her, I successfully avoided many acne scars because I never popped a pimple no matter how big it got.

Sarah: Omg I'm fighting so hard with this romy, how do you resist? Do you use acne patches or just avoid looking at them LOL?

Romy: She always frightened me of how my skin would be damaged if I touched it, so I think her fear tactic worked.

When I have a pimple that I want to get rid of quickly, I rely on it COSRX's Acne Pimple Master Patch to cure it overnight. It always works!

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Maureen: Pimple plasters are such a lifesaver! I wish it had been invented earlier.

Romy: IKR. Where were you when I needed you as a teenager ?!

Maureen: 😭

Dianne: Low-Key never heard a tip my mother gave me as a teenager 😂

Michelle: I know … the fact that my mother said I never wanted to try … # regrets it

A good lip balm trumps the perfect lipstick

Michelle: My mother always said that a good lip balm trumps the perfect lipstick, but I just let my lips dry and crack in most of my teenage years (while I was always looking for my perfect lipstick).

Zoe: Same thing here 😂 It always seems too late when the lips are flaky and cracked 😭

Dianne: My mother introduced me to tinted lip balms and I always had problems at school – but it is a great alternative to lipsticks and has moisturized my lips.

Maureen: I also prefer tinted lip balms over lipsticks!

Michelle: I wish my mother introduced me to tinted balms when I was younger! She was so hardcore – she only approved those vaseline-like balms that border on medicine.

Romy: My mother is also a # 1 fan of Vaseline! I swear you should sponsor her because she talks about it so much 😂

Dianne: OMG my mother also used it to remove waterproof makeup. Vaseline should sponsor mothers.

Michelle: I had no idea that petroleum jelly is so popular! Must be a mom thing.

Maureen: It is like a must in a household

Sarah: Michelle, are you more of a lip balm girl now, or are you still sticking to your lip pursuit? 👄

Michelle: I strive for the lip balm / tinted balm department! Rhoto Mentholatum's lip The color is a great tinted version (comes with SPF!), and for normal balms I love Country & Stream's natural honey lip (as tasty as it sounds!).

Rohto Mentholatum - Lippe Die Farbe

Country & Stream - Natural honey lip

Sarah: Oh, I'm a big fan of Rohto Mentholatum's skincare, but had no idea they were doing makeup? Must try this tinted balm 😍

Dianne: Rohto mentholatum was my skin care routine during middle school. Didn't know that they had makeup: O.

Play either your eyes or your lips, not both

Zoe: Dianne, the pickiest person among us, I'm sure you have a list of makeup rules, um, tips that you follow?

Dianne: My mother has given me a lot of makeup tips over the years SOOO. I don't know at the moment whether they are mine or hers

One of my mother's makeup tips that I always think about is playing either my eyes or my lips, but not both! Since my mother and I have a tendency to go extra, it is a good reminder for me to relax with the makeup so I don't regret looking at my pictures in the future.

Romy: I think I'm already following this makeup tip, but sometimes it's fun to play both, haha.

Dianne: I don't want to risk going out like a clown.

Since my mother and I make our eye makeup HEAVY, she always told me to have a good naked Lippy to make up for that.

Michelle: I've never been very interested in bare lips, but now I can fully understand the point! Do you have good recs for a nice neutral lippy?

Dianne: I've used recently cream-colored LightFit Air by moonshot because it's so easy to use. The colors go very well with any eye make-up, whether it's a cobalt blue eyeliner or a neon green eyeshadow

Moonshot - Lightfit Air cream color



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