Serena Williams Stuart Weitzman Spring 2020 Marketing campaign

Stuart Weitzman S / S 2020: Serena Williams by Ethan James Green

Stuart Weitzman's advertising campaigns have looked the same for decades because they are photographed by the usual suspects and (over and over again) have the same faces. The New York-based shoe brand turned things upside down in fall 2018, and now, in spring 2020, the label has done it again by introducing new talent and a new face for its latest products. Ethan James Green, the regular guest of the American Vogue, is the campaign photographer of choice this season, who captures none other than tennis ace Serena Williams in the series of black and white pictures.


Serena's role as the brand's new ambassador shared our forum members. "Kick me in the head, but I'll never understand why she appeared on the fashion scene in the first place. It doesn't look good, ”commented dontbeadrag.

"What a random choice. Some celebrities should stay away from the fashion industry, ”said avonlea002.

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"I mean, why is there a celebrity on the fashion scene? Because they are a big name and have access to designers. That being said, I also expected to hate that, but it's simple and clean, it looks great here. I'm pretty excited, ”Joromana defended.

Urban Stylin was also pleasantly surprised: “I was ready to hate it, but that's surprisingly good. Her muscles and body type give him a warlike atmosphere. "

“Black and white is obviously a staple of Stuart Weitzman, and Ethan James Green & # 39; s style of photography gives a new perspective here. I think the campaign feels fresh, is a departure from previous campaigns and I like the frame layout. Usually never one for Serena Williams, but I have no complaints here, ”said vogue28.

"It's very nice," admired Mikel.

Stuart Weitzman S / S 2020: Serena Williams by Ethan James Green


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