Louis Vuitton Purse Advert Marketing campaign 2020

Louis Vuitton & # 39; New Classics & # 39; Handbags 2020 by Craig McDean

Nicolas Ghesquière presents his Louis Vuitton brand ambassadors at every opportunity. It's no wonder that Alicia Vikander, Emma Stone and Léa Seydoux have reunited in Vuitton's latest campaign. The three actresses return for the New Classics handbag campaign captured by Craig McDean against a makeshift Parisian backdrop, while wearing variations of the brand's Capucines, Dauphine and Twist handbags.


But the campaign was unable to captivate our forum members. "Who would have thought that a day would come when blue chip campaigns would look like film promos?" Urban Stylin complained.

"That looks good. Even the background looks almost like a set, ”TaylorBinque proclaimed.

"To be honest, it's terrible. I'm not interested in Emma or Alicia, but poor Léa, ”Nomar interfered.

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Benn98 was not impressed either. “McDean's work for this brand is so unimaginative and cheap. The money has to be good. Everything looks wrong, even Emma's porcelain skin and scarlet hair … "

"Why give Emma Stone a multi-million dollar contract if you want to make her a CGI figure?" Melancholybaby asked.

"Despite the cruel photography, the false-looking Parisian backdrops, and the low tolerance I have for Vuitton campaigns under Ghesquière, I always enjoy seeing Léa Seydoux as the face of the brand," said vogue28.

Louis Vuitton & # 39; New Classics & # 39; Handbags 2020 by Craig McDean


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