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In the meantime, many of us have gotten used to the rhythm of a work-from-home routine, while measures to distance ourselves from COVID-19 continue. While comfortably dressing helps to minimize stress, who says that it must mean dressing like a guy? It's always good to stay sartorial stimulated, even if you just choose a chic t-shirt instead of a shabby old one. While you don't have to take off your work blazers or Sunday best clothes just to go from your laptop to the fridge, it will surely improve your mood and keep boredom at bay if you keep things fresh, fun, and just a little experimental. Fashion has always been about feeling good, and it's more important than ever to keep the positive mood going.

In addition to chic lounge wear and graphic t-shirts that will satisfy both the hipster and the rock goddess in you, we also present a selection of zoom outfits – bold, edgy (but still comfortable) ensembles that are causing a sensation this Friday Party and work-friendly tops will take care of all the early morning meetings.

1. Stay comfortable, but with a twist

By now, most of you have probably accepted the ideal that “comfort is the best” when it comes to lockdown clothing. However, wearing variations of the same monochrome t-shirt daily or digging out frayed old tank tops can be daunting. Choosing tee-and-joggers will boost your mood by choosing something that suits your style, whether it's hard rock vibes or unicorn energy! If you're more of a loungewear person, try staying away from your proven PJs and investing in something slim and slinky, like this blue satin version reminiscent of Mrs. Park's high-fashion choice in parasite, or something sweet and sweet quirky like this peppy, striped version adorned with pandas.

2. Relieve stress by becoming brave

For those longing for something with a high octane rating, there's nothing like a bright eye make-up, a print to the left of the middle, or a deconstructed cut to break the monotony! Take this opportunity to unleash your inner free spirit by wearing all the rainbow-colored knitwear and animal-themed skirts you've always thought too much of! After all, no one is watching, so just improvise. And if your usual workwear is neat and formal, why not take out the street style jewels that are in the back of your closet? Adding a few editorial looks from the comfort of your bedroom will sharpen your fashion instinct and give your mood the boost it deserves.

3. Look flawless for this zoom call

While zoom meetings have effectively eliminated the need for stylish bottoms, you still have to make an effort with a carefully selected top! Essentially, this top must hit the sweet spot between "I couldn't be bothered" and "I tried too hard". Blouses, whether plain, striped or trimmed with ruffles and lace, are a safe choice, as are loose-fitting shirts and mock-neck tops made from comfortable fabrics. Play your personality through quirky little details – from a split collar and all-over ballerina print to faux pearl buttons and runner sleeves. If you don't really want to stand out from ten other faces, stick to neutral shades – think of blush pink, oatmeal and dark blue. If you feel particularly lazy, here's a simple trick: Hold a cute but workable cardigan by your side so you can throw it over your old t-shirt in an emergency!

4. Keep the (zoom) party spirit upright

Now that the party circle has officially gone online, stay stylish with these nightlife tops that come with spring vibes, disco glamor, or midnight sensibilities of your choice. Since comfort is still a priority, you should take on flowing shapes and avoid sheath or figure-hugging dresses at all costs. Instead, opt for sport luxury in dazzling fabrics, transparent T-shirts that are seductively thrown over camis, shortened velvet tops with a medieval atmosphere or a dash of sequins. Even if you may not be able to take picnics and trips out, you can maintain that spring energy by putting on a retro-style gingham dress with a heart-shaped collar and flowing skirt. And for those of you who don't have to bother dressing up for your virtual party, here's an easy and instant way to enchant yourself – a dramatic, padded satin headband that works wonders when you do have a slim bob or a long curly mane.

Keep calm and hopeful (and playful)

Whether you're wearing your favorite dress while typing on your laptop, or spontaneously turning your bathrobe into elaborate evening wear, staying at home doesn't mean you have to give up on being fashionable. Stay positive on this new normal by improvising and experimenting. If this causes your bedroom to turn into an airstrip, do it! Sometimes a bold, jazzy top, a dress in an unexpected style, and the perfect selfie are enough to ward off these isolated blues.


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