Anne Hathaway Did the Pillow Problem as Mia Thermopolis

THE PRINCESS DIARY, Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, 2001, (c) Walt Disney / courtesy of the Everett Collection

Ladies and gentlemen, please bow with me to Anne Hathaway, who has just thrown Instagram & # 39; s popular #PillowChallenge out of the damn park. The actress channeled her Suddenly Princess Character, Mia Thermopolis, to pick up on the social media trend that challenges participants to turn a pillow into a stylish dress. I just have to say: "Shut up!"

While most #PillowChallenge acceptors simply strapped on a pillow and called it a day, Anne somehow managed to shape three pillows – two white and one blue – into a kind of layered dress and use accessories to help her inner princess of Really unleash Genovia. The 37-year-old star put on black sunglasses and headphones and had her hair combed back, just like she did when she posed for the 2001 Disney movie official poster. She also put on black combat boots that Mia would definitely approve of. I mean, did she totally nail it or what ?!

The cherry above was definitely Anne's caption. Quoting none other than her grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi, on the screen, she wrote: "A queen is never too late; everyone else is just too early." Think of this as my request to other actresses to consider #PillowChallenge as their most iconic movie characters – I mean, imagine Kate Hudson dressing up as Andie Anderson with a yellow pillow and diamond-like Isadora necklace!


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