I Tried 60 Samples of Costly Magnificence Merchandise in 30 Days—Here is What I might Purchase

I Tried 60 Samples of Expensive Beauty Products in 30 Days—Here's What I'd Buy

I am already placing orders.

I should probably make it clear first: even before quarantine, 50% of my job was to unpack, test, review, and retest beauty products. This is not a luxury that I take lightly, and although it may seem like a trivial task, my colleague Courtney and I are very proud of our ability to test and give thoughtful feedback. (We literally get hundreds of packages a month to help you understand how this is a big part of our job!) Some of this feedback comes only from the two of us through Slack, others go to a brand's PR team or even its CEO, and most of the time it comes to you directly! With so many swipes and swatches under my belt, it takes a lot to impress me, and I have admitted more than once that I'm a bit exhausted from the tide of smoke and mirror product launches in the beauty industry. When a product really cuts my socks off, it feels like a big deal and I can't wait to share every detail.

Before the quarantine, my normal everyday life was full of meetings, events, writing, catching up on emails and everything else that a beauty editor entails. (Plus, you know, living a life outside of work!) Because of this, it was almost impossible to try every single product I received, and I had a fairly large collection of expensive, sparkling items at home (and in) piled up My car, TBH) is just waiting to be broken into for testing. I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home now, and since all of these products are close by and waiting for their potential fame, I've worked my way through as many samples as possible. (Some are travel-size samples that I received in boxes, at events, etc., and others are full-size samples that I haven't been able to work through.) In the past 30 days or so, it was a quick and fast pace of Speed ​​dating for beauty products, and now I'm here to report which of these very expensive beauty products I would pay the full price for. (In fact, I already had orders from Violet Gray and Dermstore to fill up some of my favorites!) Curious about which expensive beauty products are really worth the investment? I share all of my recent favorites below – keep scrolling.

I go back and forth with toners. Sometimes I'm on the train and sometimes I'm gone. But with this best-selling (and very clean!) Indie Lee formula, I'm back on board and plan to stay for a while. Immediately after cleaning, I saturate one of my favorite Renée Rouleau clay towels with the solution and then suffocate my face with it. It contains high quality ingredients such as aloe, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 and chamomile. Since using it every morning and night, I have noticed a significant increase in the dew point and the brightness of my complexion.

Trust me – I won't lose the fact that this mask is available for $ 100 and I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't think it was worth the last penny. Since it's a powder, just combine it a little with water until it turns into a luxurious, mask-friendly paste. It contains delicious, organic, wildly harvested ingredients (think of nutmeg, vanilla, cocoa, cayenne pepper, viamin C, cinnamon, clay and charcoal) that work harmoniously and instantly boost the blood circulation in my complexion am. Funny fact: you can also use it as a spot treatment!

Every time I see a celebrity or model go through their nightly skin routine, this popular (but very expensive) cleanser appears to appear. And now that I've reached the last granules of my sample size, I understand why: $ 75 is a lot for a detergent, but it's also important to note that this exfoliating formula has a double effect (which makes it special good for peeling) people like me who have oily or combination skin). This cleaning formula begins with a fine-grained powder cleaner that turns into pillow foam after the addition of water. Enzymes play the MVP by loosening and lifting dead, dry skin and removing every last trace of makeup or excess sebum or skin residue.

I fell in love with this serum after receiving a facial sample from well-known beautician Shani Darden. Then, a month later, another prominent beautician, Melanie Grant, also recommended it as a regular continuation of my skin care routine. Now I use it every morning and every night and my skin was smoother, less red and more hydrated and radiant. I blame the all-star mixture of plump hyaluronic acid, skin-strengthening vitamin B5, healing Centella Asiatica and hyperpigmentation-reducing mushroom extract. I have recently forced it on everyone who has asked for skin care recommendations.

I have almost no sample of this pint-sized eye gel left and all I can say is that despite the high price, this is by far one of the best beauty products I have ever tried. The consistency is so dreamy and smooth. It's not sticky, absorbs relatively quickly, and is a great silky-based pre-concealer. It also helps alleviate irritation or swelling, lift and tighten fine lines and reduce dark shadows.

I know I was just talking about an eye cream, but my beauty-loving soul wouldn't feel right without talking about this anti-aging option. Before I ran out of samples, I switched between this and the 111Skin formula above, and frankly, my eyes had never looked better. I've noticed a decrease in buoyancy and brightness in my eyes since I went out, and I can't wait to replenish. This is particularly suitable if you are prone to dryness and dandruff, as it contains a nice, rich formula that contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C and E (all of which help with circles and discoloration!) And the characteristic mixture of the brand bristles with peptides and TNS for additional anti-aging benefits.

I've loved this mask for some time, but I ran out of my big gold-plated tub some time ago. However, I did have a few travel-sized packages on hand and recently rediscovered my obsession with this French beach saver. It smells like a bouquet and transforms even my worst day – d. H. When it feels like straw. Since I am at home, I like to leave it in my hair all day after the shampoo and then wash it off after I have trained and before I do my evening skin care. It has become such a beautiful ritual.

I recently discovered that hair perfume is the only beauty product that I never knew I needed. Since Byredo sent me a sample of its shiny and moisture-enhancing splash in the fragrance in 1996, I've been head over heels. I love 1996, but now that I'm not there I can't wait to try the perfume in all the other legendary Byredo fragrances.

To be honest, there are so many quick fixes to fix that are just Bologna and don't work. (I'm sorry, I'm just being honest here!) That means I'm pretty in love with these strong drops of Oribe, and they're slowly but surely becoming my absolute favorite product of the brand. The concept is brilliant – you simply add as many drops as you want to your other favorite hair care products – and its powerful blend of vitamins, linoleic acid, biotin and seaweed extract creates the ultimate treatment option for anyone who doesn't like to mess around with masks or other time-consuming hair rituals.

Before you yell at me for a $ 160 shampoo, please listen to me. I didn't want to like this product. In fact, I was already completely obsessed with the Russian imperial mask (see below), and I couldn't afford to fall for another Philip B. masterpiece. And yet I'm here. When I used it for the first time, I followed the instructions and applied the smallest piece after cleaning with my favorite clarifying shampoo. I couldn't believe how dreamy and frothy and magical this shampoo felt in my hair. It smells exhilarating and after letting it marinate for a few minutes (according to the instructions) I washed it out and my hair felt like liquid velvet – a feeling I'm used to after masking but definitely not shampooing. It has won numerous awards, is suitable for all hair types and the list of ingredients is out of this world: L-amino acids, protective silk, wheat and soy proteins, a high dose of panthenol (vitamin B5), shea butter, and a Russian one inspired blend of chamomile, grape seed, rosemary, nettle, burdock, sage and a hint of amber oil. Never again will I be afraid to wash my hair.

Okay, I'm sad, but I also have to talk about this expensive mask. (And for what it's worth, it goes a little bit so much that the splendor is a little less painful!) Simply put, this is one of the best hair masks I've ever treated my hair with. And now, after trying it, my threads would be so sad without it. It contains many of the same magical ingredients as the shampoo, but is enriched with peptides to stimulate the hair follicle with even more break-reducing, hair growth-promoting additives like Carthamus Tinctorius Oleosomes (which work through the body, strength and softness of the hair) and peas increased hair growth and glycerin to strengthen and prevent irregular ends. My hair is so soft, shiny and free of confusion after washing it out. It practically shimmers.

If you've read my content for a while, you already know how I deal with body oils. I don't love them and there are actually only a few formulas on this planet that I even find half tasty. So you will know how devastating it is to say that this body oil (combined with the butter below) has changed my life. It's dramatic, of course, but at a time in life when the little things really count and I really lean into my self-care routine and find a body oil that is as delicious and shiny as it feels big. First of all, it smells incredible. I can't get over it. Secondly, it absorbs quickly (a detail I need), and the 100% botanical blend contains enough nutrients, antioxidants, and fatty acids to make the entire range of Moon Juice seem weak. The magic lies in the combination of rosehip, grape and apricot oils that instantly awaken the skin and make it soft, smooth and extremely hydrated.

Okay, part II – the body butter. I honestly can't say what I love more, Mutha's body oil or this really buttery skin balm, but it's safe to say that the effect in combination is dynamite. I apply the oil once a week, followed by this butter shower after the shower, and I no longer need to apply moisturizer for the next six to seven days. It is only effective to keep your skin moist, radiant and hydrated.

From Kim Kardashian West to January Jones, everyone in Hollywood uses and loves this cult beloved body scrub. And I officially joined the club. It smells of cake (but not coarse, overly sweet), uses a key blend of AHAs and BHAs to rid your skin of dead skin cells, and contains the most voluptuous mix of coconut oil, sweet almond oil. and jojoba seeds that melt directly into your skin for a ridiculously beautiful conditioning experience. In fact, it's so moisturizing that you don't even need lotion, cream, or oil afterwards. (Not that it stops me.) I made my way through the adorable mini glass fairly quickly, so I'm going to focus on the full size now that I've used up every last sugar crystal.

I'm pretty excited about self-tanning, so for a natural, even finish, it's vital to keep my body hydrated, smooth, and exfoliated at all times. Oils and butter can be too greasy if I treat a flaky elbow or knee on site. In times when I need something less slippery, but still very rich and filling, I reach for Augustine Bader's cult-beloved body cream. (Fun fact: I like it better than the iconic face formulas!) With the tiniest clack, you'll go a long, long way, so with the full tub, you'll keep the $ 165 worth of the investment.

If beauty editors were given grades, I would no doubt get a hard D + with careful sunscreen application. (Please do it better than me!) Still, I received a sample of RéVive's extremely luxurious new body sunscreen, and it might just be the A + formula I've been waiting for. While it's expensive, it's also an amazing skin treatment surrounded by a charged sunscreen factor. It has an advanced UV defense system that protects against harmful rays while softening the skin and protecting against UVA / UVB rays and premature aging. Oh, and let's not forget the amazing antioxidant complex that contains vitamin E, L-carnosine, and silybin, as well as moisturizing and skin-renewing agents like glycerin and protein for biological renewal. Next up: I'm a selective beauty shopper – I would buy the following from Sephora's savings event


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