10 Tricks to Take Care of Pores and skin After Waxing

Tips for skin care after waxing

Don't we all love the silky smooth feeling of hairless skin that you get after waxing? As most of us try to grow, there are a few things to consider to prevent bacterial infections, ingrown hair, rashes, itching, scars, and redness that often occur when proper follow-up is not done. Waxing seems to be a necessity that we women cannot let go of, but we have to do a little more to avoid rashes, boils and ingrown hair. In this post we would like to give you 10 tips for skin care after waxing. Once the waxing session is over, you need to be careful about how you treat your skin. Your skin is in a delicate state. So here are some of the tips and tricks you should follow:

But especially if you run out of wax, you can make wax with some basic ingredients like sugar and lemon.

1. Wipe excess wax off your skin with cold water.

2. Treat your skin with ice or ice-cold water soaked in a sponge. (If your skin is sensitive, make sure you have some ice available. Ice reduces the likelihood of rashes. Massage a cube directly on the waxed skin and it feels great. If you can't stand the cold, that the ice must have offer, let the ice melt on a spongy train and compress your skin with it. I find this tip very effective and have no rashes and inflammation since using it.

3. Massage your skin with a gentle, high quality moisturizing lotion to avoid dryness.

4. Apply fresh aloe vera gel immediately after waxing and daily for a week.

5. If your skin is prone to breakouts, apply a few drops of tea tree oil diluted with water.

6. Always wear sunscreen when going out, right after waxing.

7. Do not use soap or scrub for at least 12 hours after waxing.

8. Do not apply deodorant or body spray for at least 24 hours after waxing.

9. Do not exfoliate the skin immediately after waxing or for at least a week.

10. Avoid a hot shower for at least 24 hours after the waxing process.

You will receive certain brands that come with special wax care products. You may want to check if such products work for you. However, make sure you only choose reputable brands, and also read the expert guides and customer reviews before investing in such a product. The most popular products fall into the following categories: Soothing lotions and gels: There are brands that offer gels and lotions that calm your irritated skin and protect your skin from rashes and inflammation.


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