Overlook Sweatpants -These Sweatshorts Are All We Wish to Put on From Now On

Forget Sweatpants -These Sweatshorts Are All We Want to Wear From Now On

I am sure that at this point, like us, you are probably over your sweat but still want to be comfortable while you stay at home. Enter sweat shorts. While this silhouette was tall in the 90s and basketball players wore it regularly, we've seen a nostalgic resurrection, and I'm very excited – especially at the beginning of spring.

If you're not sure how to style the look, let's introduce you to some simple outfit ideas to help you get started. Whether you want to style them with a simple, oversized white t-shirt and you want to match yours SO or you want to play with color in a fun tie-dye look, there are options for everyone. If you're more minimalist, you can opt for a beige Bermuda style and combine it with a matching hoodie to achieve an elegant yet refined look. Looking for a sporty option? Combine your jersey with a sports jersey and pull a blazer over it to get a better outfit. Read on for how to do it, and buy cheap tips if you're looking for new, cozy sweat shorts on the market.


The coziest ways to style your favorite high-waisted sweatpants


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