Dua Lipa US ELLE Could 2020

US Elle May 2020: Dua Lipa by Zoey Grossman

You will see a lot more of Dua Lipa at the kiosk. Fresh from the cover of Vogue Australia, the British singer is now recording the cover of ELLE for May 2020. Exactly 12 months after her last appearance, Dua returns to American fashion and presents two covers for the occasion, both photographed by Zoey Grossman and styled by Charles Varenne. For cover one (below), Dua wears a look from Gucci's Spring 2020 collection and covers a guitar from Moschino's Spring 2020 collection on cover two (after the jump).


Dua immediately shared our forums. "I became a Dua Lipa convert last month, so I'm a bit involved. Once you get used to the lack of energy in every aspect of life, start enjoying what she does," said dodencebt.

“The only pop queen I care about right now. Love! "Exclaimed (piece of mine).

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"I like this way better than Dua's current Vogue Australia cover. I like the two-tone hair on Dua here and can see that there are no gimmicks," added vogue28.

Everyone else disagreed. “Tattoos, panties, hair that may be their own, but look like a shady wig and have this blonde hue. I am amazed how this girl continues to book cover by cover because she sounds about as interesting as if you saw paint drying on a wall, ”commented Benn98.

"She doesn't look bad here, only this type of styling should be reserved for models if it is to be used for covers. Unfortunately, she doesn't make emotions with her eyes," said Urban Stylin.

"I've seen terrible covers in my life, but this is already taking the cake for 2020! It looks so disgusting and CHEAP ”, Bertrando3 proclaimed.

US Elle May 2020: Dua Lipa by Zoey Grossman


Do you want to see more? Check out Dua's cover feature and join the debate here.


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