Vogue Italia April 2020 Clean Cowl

Vogue Italia April 2020: A blank canvas by Ferdinando Verderi

We are starting to see the effects of the global pandemic at the kiosks. The first Vogue Portugal drew attention to the current state of affairs with two covers. Vogue Italia now weighs with an empty cover. For a magazine that prefers digitally rendered cover stars, Vittoria Ceretti and Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, this is a pretty big statement. The cover, which only contains the Vogue imprint, was designed by the creative director of the title, Ferdinando Verderi, to convey respect, rebirth and space and time to rethink. It also features the color worn by the medical professionals who fight the virus.


The cover shared our forum members. “This is not even a mirror or anything, just an empty blackboard, and all great superlatives will mean nothing to the impulse buyer. I just can't handle the presumption of Emanuele Farneti … ”complained Benn98.

"FAUL. How and why in the world does Condé Nast Farneti allow the Vogue Italia brand to tarnish?" Asked MON.

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"They are either too busy or don't bother at all. WHAT IS THIS!" exclaimed Scotty.

KINGofVERSAILLES was not impressed: “Laziness and inability gave respect. Such an empty gesture. "

Others thought the cover hit the right note. "I believe that this time a cover like this is appropriate and any disapproval is unnecessary and disrespectful. I wish the Italian people all the best, ”wrote Srdjan.

"I understand and respect the direction. The truth is that any business as usual insurance would have felt extremely uncomfortable with the current situation in Italy. The magazine had to present something that was related to reality, at least something respectful, ”admired Marc10.

“I firmly believe that this is a very appropriate and delicate message for what we currently live in Italy. A moment to think. And to understand that we need doctors and nurses more than Bella Hadid, ”pizzicato repeated.

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