Vogue Germany Might 2020 Helen Mirren Sharon Stone Iris Berben

Vogue Germany May 2020: Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone & Iris Berben by Liz Collins

You could say that Vogue Germany has not been our favorite magazine in recent months. But the German fashion bible is slowly but surely trying to regain our interest by tapping Hailey Bieber last month and now, with the unveiling of its offer from May 2020, is living up to our love of diversity. Women over 50 are rarely seen at the kiosk. We are very happy to see Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone and Iris Berben on three covers. The ladies were photographed by Liz Collins and styled by Nicola Knels and Paris Libby. They wear looks from Burberry, Dsquared2 and Jil Sander for their respective covers.


According to our forum members, the covers turned out to be a great missed opportunity. "I'm sorry, but why did you choose a photo where Helen looks like an idiot? She is such a beautiful woman. Sharon's cover is nice, but gives me Déjà Vu. The third one is pretty, but a bit simple, ”Srdjan shouted.

"It's all bad. I don't think I've ever seen such flattering shots of them before, ”said SLFC.

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"Fashion magazines have chosen to show older women on covers, but it is clear that most of them have no idea what to do with them. Without exception, these women are shot in a boring pose with horrible clothes and look stiff and bored while the magazine is collecting praise for having a few folds on their cover, ”said Tigerrouge.

"Yes, because what else can you do with three mature women other than dressing them up in ugly, drab clothes in a boring studio? Really groundbreaking, ”aracic agreed.

“What a terrible waste of three brilliant title motifs – from Liz Collins' boring photography to lazy styling, everything is terrible here. Immediately unforgettable! "explained vogue28.

“Everything about these covers is wrong. Helen's cover actually made me laugh. Poor woman! "Royal-Galliano interfered.

Vogue Germany May 2020: Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone & Iris Berben by Liz Collins


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