Christy Turlington T: The New York Instances Model Journal Singapore April 2020

T: The New York Times Style Singapore April 2020: Christy Turlington by Chris Colls

Virtually everyone loves to see supermodels on the front pages of fashion magazines. And it's not often that the Singaporean edition of T: The New York Times Style Magazine causes a stir in our forums. But we are fully occupied with a title motif like Christy Turlington. The all-American beauty, which has been a firm forum favorite for ages, inspired us in Vogue Mexico in 2019, in Marc Jacobs & # 39; delightful advertising campaign and on a trio of beautiful covers for Vogue Brazil. For April 2020, Christy is starring in the latest issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore with Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co., selected by Jack Wang for Chris Colls' uncomplicated black and white title recording.


What more can we ask for? Apparently a lot more. "Hate the edge. Looks like she collapsed on day 12 of her self-isolation, ”quipped Aracic the moment the cover fell.

"Oh Chris … why did you do that? It's not a good thing, ”remarked a startled Bluestar.

"It takes a certain skill to get a bad picture of Christy," added Mikel.

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"Was the photographer blind when he shot it? I cannot believe that this was the best of all the photos taken, ”avonlea002 proclaimed.

Dontbeadrag was also anything but impressed: "Seriously, cancel Chris Colls! Stop this beauty murder! All of his recent work just makes everyone look terrible. "

Benn98 disagreed with the majority. "I really like it. Great portrait. And it's not like Colls either, so it's refreshing. "

"I've always had a hard time criticizing anything Christy Turlington was involved in – including. I love the hair, remember the hairstyle that Christy had in the 90s and I'm just really struggling to find something negative. A thumbs up from me! "voiced fashion28.

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