Tips on how to Have a Digital Closet Clear-Out With Your Associates

Sex and the City: The Movie, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, 2008. New Line Cinema / courtesy of the Everett Collection

The POPSUGAR fashion team tried to find productive ways to recognize our closets and the entire fashion industry during the closure. Regardless of whether we use clothing to improve our mood or report on the WFH #OOTDs that we would like to wear, we have not become cold and have tuned our sense of style. When trying to do brainstorming activities, I thought of the scene in Sex and the City where Carrie tidies up her closet to prepare for Big. Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda come by with a bottle of champagne while Carrie is holding a small fashion show and each time she looks at the question: throw or keep?

Although I could have tidied up my closet on my own, I figured I would involve the team and stage a similar scenario via video chat, minus champagne and plus a cold brew. It turned out to be very simple: I put on the parts I wanted to get rid of and asked the director of fashion and shop Hannah, the style director Dana and the fashion editor Laura to "throw" and "keep" on both sides write from a piece of paper. I really appreciated that they all wanted to go into detail with me to explain the reasons why they suggested donating an item or sticking to it a little longer. They even offered me ideas on how to use my look again.

I am sure you have a group of friends with some time in your hands who would do the same for you. Scroll down to see how my own experiment went, and then go for the fun and clean up your own excavations.


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