The Finest Hand Lotions for Dry, Cracked Pores and skin (2020)

Best hand creams

I assume that Sharethelooks readers have washed their hands thoroughly and about 400 times more often than ever. So if, like me, you have drier hands than usual, let me share my favorite hand creams with you. None of these are new favorites; These are the ones that I have had on hand for years (that was a completely unintended pun) and to which I am returning.

I am prone to eczema, especially if I let it dry out too much (especially if it dries very quickly). So I definitely prefer the first two hand creams when the situation is worse, but use the other two regularly (and more often) for my maintenance / regular routine). I would like to know about your favorite daily hydration hand creams and intense moisture needs!

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Hand & Face Cream ($ 14.99) has been a go-to for years. I am a big fan of Aveeno's Eczema Therapy range in general – I think it will be soothing, gentle and effective – and the hand cream is top notch. The lotion is medium weight because it is pressed out of the tube and spreads easily on the hands without stinging the driest places.

It soaks in in a matter of minutes, leaving skin smoother, hydrated while easing the pain of exceptionally dry areas that bleed easily. The dehydration doesn't feel sticky and it doesn't feel greasy because it definitely sinks into my skin, but my skin has a slightly velvety quality after application.

It has also proven effective for me as it actually moisturizes and heals my skin over time when used consistently, but it is effective enough to get me through rough spots even if I forget it (normal behavior , less at the moment!). literally.

Cortizon 10 Intensive Healing Eczema Lotion ($ 10.99) is another point of contact that I've had on hand for years. Since it contains 1% hydrocortisone, I use it whenever my skin is exceptionally dry, itchy and red, but not every day or only for dry hands. Based on what I've read and learned from doctors over the years, hydrocortisone is often effective for mild eczema symptoms and should be used for short periods of time (not indefinitely every day) unless the doctor tells you otherwise. As is to be expected, it is also fragrance-free.

The formula is light, non-greasy, absorbs quickly and leaves a slight stickiness, but immediately soothes my skin and makes the back of my hand look infinitely smoother, less cracked and much more comfortable to comfortably maneuver my fingertips / hands. It stays where it is placed hours later, which makes it ideal for daytime use as I type most of my day. This way I can easily apply it to the back of my hand, but avoid my palm and fingertips and get no hand cream all over my keyboard.

Jack Black Industrial Strength hand healer ($ 15.00) is a thicker cream that dries out quickly, doesn't feel greasy, and has a strong, medicinal smell (they say "light eucalyptus"). It is intensely moisturizing, long-lasting and completely absorbed. I use this routinely at night (I keep a bottle on my bedside table hoping to remember to use it) while digging out the light scent as a relaxing moment when I fall asleep. I find this effective even when my hands resemble a dry river bed and I can navigate through the cracks on the back of my hand. Even if my hand care game is weak, I know that I can put it on before bed and wake up with happy hands for the next few days.

Kiehls Creme de Corps ($ 30.00 to $ 78.00) is a staple in my skin care routine when it comes to moisturizing body parts and hands. I grab a mega-sized bottle at least once a year (if they are for sale) and keep one in my photo room so my swatching arm doesn't dry out.

I like to wear it before and after a swatching session (a lot of skin is rubbed in between and the product is removed) because it is non-greasy and intensely moisturizing, although it doesn't absorb fastest (compared to the three options mentioned above). This is often the one that I put on and then put on gloves when I want to be spoiled by hand.

It's fragrance-free, which I prefer because heavy scents on my hands are often too much for me. As a body cream, this means that I can wear my favorite perfume without having to worry about the two blends.


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