Summer season Oily Pores and skin Care Suggestions that your Dermatologist Would Approve

Tips for oily summer skin care that your dermatologist would approve

Summer is here and while everyone is ready to greet summer, people with oily skin fear the summer season for obvious reasons – this means oily, oily skin and the recurrence of acne and pimples. Since summer has just started, you need to know what to do and what to avoid for your oily skin to behave well with you! If you have oily skin, you already know how bad it can get in hot and humid months. To prevent your skin from having nightmares this summer, take control of it from the start. We have tips on greasy summer skin care that your dermatologist would approve in this post.

In summer, greasy skin breaks out and clogged pores. The following tips can help ensure that your oily skin behaves perfectly on hot summer days:

1. Use products based on salicylic acid: Use detergents and ointments that contain salicylic acid. Don't forget to check the list of ingredients first. Wash your face with a salicylic acid-based cleanser and pat your face dry with a soft towel. Salicylic acid is a keratolytic and one of the most effective ingredients for skin care that can peel off the outer layer of skin. It is used to treat acne, dandruff, seborrhea or psoriasis, as well as to remove corns, corneas and warts. Saslic DS Face Wash, La Roche Posay acne treatment cream and Avene Cleanance Mask are some products that contain salicylic acid as an ingredient.

2nd Don't forget dear old Multani Mitti: Multani Mitti is a wonder of nature and don't forget to use it for your own benefit. Mix two spoons of Multani Mitti with a spoonful of sandalwood powder or tomato juice. Make a smooth paste with rose water that acts as a natural astringent. Apply this face pack twice a week to keep your skin glowing without oil and grease. This face pack not only helps keep your skin healthy and smooth, it also helps stop the overproduction of oil.

3rd Use gel-based products to moisturize your skin: Gels would always be nice and cool on your skin. If you can get pure aloe vera gel, nothing can be better! Massage your skin with it to soothe stressed skin and at the same time it keeps oily skin in pink. If that's not possible, invest in a high quality aloe vera gel packaged by a reputable brand and use it on your skin daily to moisturize and care for oily skin without worrying about you Having to break out.

4th Never go out without sunscreen: Invest in a good gel-based sun protection product with a high sun protection factor, as it protects you against tanning, hyperpigmentation and premature skin aging. Use good broad-spectrum sun protection with UVA and UVB protection to protect your skin. Make sure that the sunscreen you put your hand on is oil-free and doesn't clog your pores.

5. Drink gallons of water: Water helps flush out toxins from your body. In addition, summer makes you susceptible to sweat, so you need to try to replenish your body's water content. Drinking lots and lots of water is the easiest way to keep your body hydrated. It also helps keep your skin healthy, and any other tips would only work for you if you can flush the toxins out of your body. Oily skin is a big problem in summer. If you are not careful, you will get pimples and acne.

6. Follow the CTM routine carefully: Never skip the cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine twice a day, as this would help remove skin blockages in hot summer months.

7. Remove any makeup at night: You need to let your skin breathe at night to avoid acne and clogged pores. That is why it is important to sleep with a clean face at night. Use a good detergent or follow the double cleaning method to remove all traces of makeup.

8th. Choose water-free oil-free skin care and makeup products: Choose water-based skin care and makeup products to keep the fat away and prevent the oil content from causing breakouts on the face. The MAC Studio Waterweight SPF Foundation and The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion Long-Lasting Moist Cover Foundation are some water-based foundations available on the market.

Summers can be fun with beautiful floral prints, crisp cotton sari, sleeveless outfits, skirts and shades like baby pink, white and aqua blue. However, it is very important that you prepare your skin for the problems of summer so that you can look beautiful regardless of everything else!

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