I Store All Day for a Dwelling—These Are the Coolest Issues I’ve Seen This Month

I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

Who's ready for my favorite summary of the month? Needless to say, I definitely am. After all, I can't often throw everything I want into the world as long as I think it's "cool", but I do it and you can imagine how much fun it is for me. From eye-catching shoes to unique bags to clothing (both going out and staying at home) that lets you say whoa, today I've summarized the most interesting, eye-catching, and coolest pieces I've seen throughout the month.

From a Topshop shoulder bag to Zara's latest It sandals to the Christopher Kane sweatshirt of my dreams and a Saks Potts leather jacket that shook my world, you will not only find a mix of styles below, but also something at any price. Whether you're here for a good time or want to spice up your spring and summer, just keep scrolling to get started.

Christopher Kane picks me up every time.

There is nothing I would rather be in now.

I love how this can be held in hand over the chain or carried on the shoulder.

What is better than an adorable and affordable dress?

Paco does it over and over again.


This monogrammed leather blew me away.

Of course there is a waiting list.

Small details make this baguette bag anything but simple.

I would live in it.

Cashmere sweat is the ultimate goal.

Better than Cinderella Slippers.

I can say that this would be so useful.

Who would have thought that replacing a button with a tie could make such a difference?

I already have these in black, but now I think I need them in pink too?

Could buy that – stay tuned.

Trending, but also cool.

Zoom for nice buttons.

Feathers are always a yes.

I need that in my life.

Excuse me while I gather.

You know who will buy them.

Looks like a handyman, but without effort.

H&M has recently killed it with the prints.

These speak for themselves.

I just discovered this brand and it has the cutest affordable sleep and lounge wear.

These chain tapes have consumed my thoughts all week.

How cute is this novelty print?

These are at the top of my wish list.

Not an average trench.

Another day, another cardigan.

Business in the front … you know what's next.

If you are looking for a really unique bag, this is the one for you.

Everything about it is just wow.

It is really something else.

Do you need a chain? This brand probably has one for you.

Dress for the place you want?

Next: 49 under $ 49 – a dream shopping list for spring.


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