Cocomi Vogue Japan Could 2020

Vogue Japan May 2020: Cocomi by Luigi & Iango

It is like a breath of fresh air when a new face greets us at the kiosk and Vogue Japan delivers exactly that for May 2020. It's hard to believe that it's very rare for a Japanese cover star to lead the Japanese fashion bible solo (the last time Namie Amuro landed the cover of the October 2018 magazine). So we were pleasantly surprised that Cocomi made her model debut in the latest issue of the release. Christian Dior's new brand ambassador was photographed by Fotoduo and forum favorite Luigi & Iango and wears a look from the spring 2020 haute couture collection of the French fashion house for the breathtaking cover picture.


But for some selected members of our forum, the cover fell flat. "We make all decisions and this cover is a choice," proclaimed Jorgepalomo.

"Presumptuous again. What is the fantasy You can't just have a fan, tilt the recording, add text and call a day, ”MON said.

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"What a mess," complained phungnam96.

"I've been a HUGE lawyer for everything Luigi & Iango has to offer in recent years, and it's a very rare opportunity when I'm overwhelmed by their work." This cover with Cocomi does absolutely nothing to me. I hate when a topic in the cover picture doesn't look at us readers. It is too artistic and an eyesore, ”vogue28 criticized.

"There is something fascinating about these folds and all the lilacs … I have to say it immediately caught my eye. On closer inspection, it's a bit messy with the text and all of that … but I don't hate it," admitted aracic.

Benn98 was a fan: “I don't know who she is, but I LOVE the picture. It's like an illustration that has come to life. It is a welcome change from Luigi & Iango's usual violent and overly photoshopping glamazons. "

"Whoa, what a beautiful cover shot, finally someone dares to do something different, to love it," said Miss Dalloway.

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