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Social distancing is one of the most effective ways to smooth the curve and a responsibility we all have to take to end this pandemic. With many schools blocked and cities blocked, you may complain about your canceled plans and feel trapped, bored, and unmotivated when you're stuck at home. Why not try to make the best of this time instead of dealing with the negative? It's easy to switch to couch potato mode by watching dramas and TikTok dance videos or playing video games until your eyes glaze over (yes, I'm talking about everyone who lives on Animal Crossing as a proxy). If you do something as simple as swapping for good reading on TV, you can maintain a balanced lifestyle with meaningful stimulation. It's time to be productive. So keep scrolling to have fun options at home!

Spring cleaning

Obviously, keeping your home clean and germ-free is more important than ever to make sure it's a safe place for you and your loved ones. Disinfecting, sweeping, wiping, and vacuuming every room in your home can be a very exhausting, all-day endeavor. On the plus side, you have to tick off a must while staying active. You can even do multiple tasks by listening to a podcast at the same time. Check out this animal kitchen sponge, the toilet deodorant, the toilet rim cleaning brush, the mini mop and dustpan set, and of course an indispensable disinfectant spray to get practical cleaning agents that will make your job a lot easier. More tips on how to stay hygienic and how to tackle COVID-19 can be found here.

A little Marie Kondo magic not only scrubs every corner of your home until it sparkles, but is also a sure-fire way to lift the spirits. Your physical space is a reflection and expansion of your inner mental state. So why not dissolve all your excess and organize it in a user-friendly system that is also easy on the eyes?


It is often much easier to eat out or order delivery, but cooking and eating at home is not only a safer alternative now, it is also a lot of fun. Granted, I've always left cooking to others and preferred to just chow, but I've been inspired by all of Instagram's homemade stories lately. The best thing is not even the drooling food porn, but the experience of all the #relatable failed attempts before the hard-earned (and delicious) success. There is no better bonding activity than getting your hands dirty in the kitchen, and preparing meals can also reduce your family members' workload. Whether you're baking the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie, getting to the heart of the Dalgona Korean coffee trend, or preparing a hearty and healthy homemade dinner, document the whole process and share your favorite recipes on social media – es & # 39; I will inspire others to do the same. Check out these extremely cute kitchenware and dishes options that are sure to help you prepare your dishes even more for photos!

Art and sculptures

Sitting down to draw or paint is a super therapeutic way to relax and unwind. If you're tired of listening to Zoom lectures and cracking numbers, give your left brain a break and let the creative muscles work. If creating graphics from scratch seems a bit too ambitious, you can also try bullet journaling. You can find numerous easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube. This is an easy way to organize and motivate yourself while keeping things aesthetic with doodles, stickers, washi tape, stamps and the like to breathe new life into your boring planner. There are many other opportunities for artistic activities, from sewing to calligraphy to photography. Set up a mini studio with background and some props in your room, grab your family members or pets and shoot!

Pamper yourself

It can be easy to feel super lazy when you are at home in your PJs. However, this is a good time to remember that you are not completing this 10-step skin care routine, not putting on makeup or dressing to impress others. It is a form of self-love and self-expression that also increases your mood and productivity. So take off your dirty t-shirt and sweatpants and put on some pretty but cozy lounge wear. If you have always dyed your hair, have a temporary tattoo, are familiar with detailed nail art knowledge, or would like to experiment with bold eye make-up looks with colored glasses, take this opportunity. Even if things go horribly wrong, no one will be there to see them, and if the results look amazing, you'll have to re-present yourself when you reunite with your friends.

If you feel overwhelmed by all of this, treat yourself to sheet masks, bath salts, and diffusers to help you find peace again. Light a candle, play a soothing melody and switch off your thoughts for a second. It is good to be well informed and up to date, but do not neglect your wellbeing.

When it comes to staying healthy, nothing is better than exercise. Gyms, pools, and other sports centers may be closed, but there's no reason why you can't get your blood racing and your heart racing for a healthy dose of endorphins at home. From jump rope to yoga, lifting weights to good old push-ups, there are countless things you can do with minimal space and equipment. Trust me: you will feel better when you start to sweat.

These are just a few options for home activities that may not be suitable for everyone. Scroll through the resolutions and task lists of the past year and think about what you want to achieve and what brings you joy and purpose. After all, you remain social even with social distance. Make a Skype appointment with your friends to stay connected and up to date. Remember that we are not alone in this.

What are you doing during social distancing? Let us know in the comments below!


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