My Eyebrows Doubled in Dimension After Making These 6 Sneaky Modifications

My Eyebrows Doubled in Size After Making These 6 Sneaky Changes

My eyebrows and I have traveled together. Although I am naturally blessed – or rather, I was naturally blessed at the time of my birth – with wonderfully bushy brows (thanks, Dad!), I indulged in tweezers throughout high school and college. For years, I was not only convinced that my super-thin bows looked better than my natural, fuller shape (spoilers – they certainly didn't), but I also struggled with anxiety that caused me to pluck my already stingy brows and forgiveness further shaped. Eek. Other faux pas? 10 layers of mascara and even more layers of bronzer … discretion of the viewer is recommended in the photos below!

To be honest, I dedicated myself to restoring the size and shape of my brows only almost two years ago when I landed my dream appearance as a beauty editor in Los Angeles. Suddenly I had access to some of the best brewing artists, dermatologists, nutritionists and hairdressers in the industry, and with their combined tips and product recommendations, my brows have totally changed. They have definitely made a 180's since my admittedly scary college and high school days, and they have even doubled in shape in the few years I've shown them more TLC here in LA.

That said, since our brows naturally get thinner with age, and I've done an annoying amount of damage to my hair follicles through years (and years) of tweezers and waxing, the way back wasn't as quick or necessarily seamless as I hoped . It takes some expert guidance, lifestyle changes, and a lot of patience, but ultimately my brows and I have come a long way.

If you have ever wondered how to grow thicker eyebrows, I will use my personal experience to guide you and share six of the best tips and practices I have from the best experts in the industry regarding eyebrows and eyebrows learned hair growth. Keep scrolling!

Since I switched from waxing to tweezers, my eyebrow growth has increased significantly and is a direct recommendation from the industry's most sought-after brewing artists, such as Stevi Christine and Kristie Streicher. "I prefer the gentle and precise results that can only be achieved with tweezers," says Streicher. "I like to work with the natural shape of the eyebrows. If someone has been over-shaped or tweezed too much in the past, my technique helps the natural shape of the eyebrows to grow out. I just pinch the few hairs. how much hair is removed from her forehead with wax or other forms of depilation. This can affect the shape of the forehead and traumatize the follicle. "

My favorite eyebrow products in themselves haven't resulted in a bushier finish, but when I fill my brows into the shape and fullness that I ultimately want, I'm less tempted to pinch stress (something that used to complete my forehead goals to hinder). I'm not sure why I almost ignored eyebrow products in college, but now that I've found some amazing formulas that I really love, like Christine's pencil and Charlotte Tilbury's epic eyebrow angel, I can make my brows look like the end goal let you actually got there. This is the perfect way to stay on track while keeping all my other eyebrow tricks and tips up to date.

Both my hair and eyebrows have grown exponentially since I dutifully started bursting high quality hair, nail and skin products every day. (Consistency is key here, folks!) Of course, it is important to consult your doctor before starting new supplements (regardless of how general they appear), but as someone who has tried several different formulas over the years , these rubbers from Hum have made the most significant and striking difference. They taste fantastic, contain less sugar than most and contain a strategic blend of biotin and other important nutrients like zinc, Fo-Ti and para-aminobenzoic acid. I also loved Nutrofol's hair-enhancing line of supplements and took the digestive enzyme, sugar balance and DHT inhibitor.

Oils have been a trend product in the beauty industry for some time, and although my breakout-prone skin can't handle skin care products like cleansing oils or coconut-enriched moisturizers and serums, my brows really loved weekly treatments once I wear a less comedogenic one (also called pores) clogging) oil like castor or macadamia on my brows. I leave the oil on my brows for a few hours on a Sunday and notice that the skin and hair around my brows feel much wetter and less flaky. After doing this for a few months, I noticed a general improvement in the thickness and health of my brows, and I also appreciate how shiny and shiny the practice makes them look. (Which only reinforces her new, far more feather-light look!) My former ex-employee Victoria Hoff swears by Marie D & # 39; Argan's organic, cold-pressed oil for hair growth, and I loved Briogeo's new role of oil above!

I'm not sure why it took me so long to get on the brow serum train, but it did. After having the opportunity to have my eyebrows sculpted by the famous brewing artist Joey Healy, I sang a different tune. Healy has one of the best O.G. Brow growth serums on the market, and he recommended wiping the formula every morning and night to enlarge my brows and promote growth in areas that, despite all other efforts, had remained stubbornly sparse. Though an investment, Healy's eyebrow elixir offers a strategic blend of pentapeptides, hyaluronic acid, and hydrolyzed wheat protein to hydrate, soothe, and stimulate eyebrow circulation. An extra dash of vitamins like A, B5, C and E helps maintain and strengthen existing brow hair, while herbal ingredients (white tea, licorice, eyebright and rose) provide additional health. Since I started Healy's recommended routine, I have seen a lot more eyebrow growth. I used to be able to go back and forth between professional tweezers for several months, but now I'm tempted to get in the way more often.

It may sound crazy, and I'm never one to preach any kind of diet to others, but when I prioritize a healthy lifestyle, my hair seems to have great growth and shine features. When I was 100% vegetarian with Sakara for two weeks last year (which I then extended for a few months), my hair had honestly never looked better and my friends and family couldn't believe how long my hair would get. And my brows, which had reached a small growth plateau, also seemed to benefit from it.

As the holistic nutritionist and friend Meryl Pritchard shared with me, eating a combination of vitamins (especially B!), Healthy fats and proteins – either animal or vegetable – is critical to promoting healthy hair growth. Because of my busy lifestyle, I have found vegetable and biological meal delivery systems such as Sakara and Thistle to be incredibly helpful in keeping myself accountable and ensuring that I am regularly fed hair-enhancing, nutritious meals.

Next, our editor had her eyebrows laminated – here's what happened.

This story was originally published earlier and updated by Dale Chong.


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