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Let's get into the right mood, should we? In the video below, click Play and follow the instructions for at least one minute.


In moments of extreme stress, it is important to remember to just breathe.

It will be difficult, but we hope that our MSA family will take care of themselves. Try this breathing exercise: pic.twitter.com/e5mrkgFN4M

– Northwestern MSA (@MSAatNU) March 25, 2020

Ah, isn't that nice? A little mindful breathing can do a lot. Studies show that it can help reduce stress, but for the purposes of this post here, it's also your ticket to the Happy Room – the Happy Room is all you'll see below. Good things are happening down there. Why don't we come in together?

VIPs (very important puppies)

Warrior Canine Connection is a nonprofit organization in Maryland that raises support dogs for wounded warriors. As part of their social development, the WCC pups are taken to a playroom, which is fortunately streamed live every day. Here you can enjoy classic puppy hijinks.

Big words

You can recognize some words from Merriam Webster's beautiful, dark, and often rather useless word list, but you will by no means know them all. Now you have the opportunity to expand your vocabulary with a little more flair. Just try not to be a tongue hero.

20 minutes of pure comedy

There is really only one thing to do when something is funny, and this thing is to laugh about – they are the rules. The only exception is when you play a character who is not supposed to laugh, but even then, from the viewer's perspective, it's still fine. Is it actually funnier? For this reason, this compilation of Saturday Night Live actors who break the character and laugh is just right. You can laugh at the joke and then laugh with the actor who laughs at the joke. A meta experience for sure.

Harry Styles appears at a tiny desk

Feel free to jump until 3:15 am when a lone tendril caresses Harry's forehead while jamming on his guitar.

Fascinating jellyfish

How does something so scary look so beautiful in real life on a screen? This is the magic of television for you. Click the Monterey Bay Aquarium's live jelly camera to take a look at these majestic pink creatures as they move. It's set to diaper music, and that, coupled with the soothing blue water, could actually make you sleep. And who is not happy after a good night's sleep?

An underwater forest

Another live stream from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This time we look at a seaweed forest and all the pretty little fish that swim around it. It's like finding Nemo, minus all the shark drama.

An English garden

There's a lot to love about Sam McKnight. His soothing English voice … His garden … What he did to Bella Hadid's hair … But back in the garden, that's really the spotlight here. Things are blooming in his back yard and in the past few weeks he's been kind enough to let us follow. Get ready for his great garden tour – chrysanthemums, daffodils and vegetables abound.

A whole teen movie in less than a minute

Perhaps you are not yet so crazy that you need to download TikTok. That's okay – but have you seen these videos where teenage girls take their shot by kissing their boy's best friends? Everyone is like an instant absorption of the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, which is characterized by youthful romance. Here are one, two and three where you only have a silly smile. (Filmed before social distancing.)


What is the most satisfying sound in the world? Some would argue that it is a sharp crease that you will hear again and again when you click this soap cutting video. Strange? Yes. Pleasing? Absolutely.

The shiny dog ​​(somehow, somehow)

AKA Orson! We love you.

Photo via ITG.


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