Bella Hadid Vogue Greece April 2020

Vogue Greece April 2020: Bella Hadid by Chris Colls

The dominance of the newspaper kiosk is still in full swing for Bella Hadid. After her recent appearance in Vogue Korea, American beauty has added another great magazine cover to her impressive work. Exactly one year after the main role on the great relaunch cover of Vogue Greece, Bella is greeted with a pair of striking covers for April 2020. Bella is captured by Chris Colls with Tonne Goodman while styling and looks melancholic on cover 1 (below). It offers a good face for the living alternative (after the jump).


Our forum members were a bunch after checking out both covers. "The first cover bores me to death. The second cover is something I would expect from Vogue Portugal. A waste of Bella Hadid, ”remarked MON.

"The second cover works, but the first one is just too depressing for these times!" Miss Dalloway intervened.

"The first one will certainly not cheer us up in these difficult times and the other one has the feeling that I have seen it a hundred times …", explained Valentine27.

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Benn98 wasn't exactly thrilled either. "As depressing as the first one, I like it even more."

“There was a recording of Peter Lindbergh of a model in male clothes with the feeling that women keep the world moving, but it just looks sloppy and sad. Nice, but sad, ”added Tigerrouge.

Forum member vogue28 had a completely different opinion: “I think this is great. I also like the interpretation of the headline "We Are One". It is their first anniversary since the relaunch, but also perfect for the current one Corona virus Situation around the world, suggesting that we are all together. Nail on the head! "

Vogue Greece April 2020: Bella Hadid by Chris Colls


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