Kanye West Talks About His Yeezy Assortment in WSJ. Journal

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 2: The Yeezy fashion show during the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall / Winter 2020/2021 on March 2, 2020 in Paris, France. (Photo by Arnold Jerocki / GC Images)

Kanye West has just greeted us with a detailed interview for WSJ. magazine, written by Christina Binkley. The piece focuses mainly on Kanye's newly launched Yeezy collection, which he debuted during Paris Fashion Week, his general experience as an industry designer, his growing Sunday services and the current political climate.

Awaiting his upcoming collection, which will be released within 90 days, Kanye painted a picture of some of the outstanding items – those we know will be very sought after. One of them contains the perfect hoodie that apparently was his baby. That and the short buffer vest.

"I believe that Yeezy is the McDonald's and the Apple of Apparel. To make the Apple of Apparel the next gap, it has to be a new invention. To invent something that is so good that you can't once recognized for being the norm, "Kanye said of his ambitions for the business and later confirmed that" Yeezy has annual sales of $ 1.5 billion and the valuation is $ 2.9 billion . "

Binkley described Kanye's new hoodie as "slightly cut at the waist, heavy as a winter coat, it would be like a comfort meal, biblically calm in its ability, but futuristic in its range. In a color like flax or dusty stone – a palette of Jesus could – it was made for the masses, sold for about $ 60 (somewhere like Costco or Walmart), folded, and stacked like bread on tables. "Kanye decided at the last second to share it with the rest of the direct-to-consumer To bring line to the market what of "service positions" in homes of the rich, d. H. housekeeper, nanny and gardener. He calls it "couture for the service industry".

Although he has not yet checked the prices for the collection, it will be in the contemporary range, one step below what is considered a luxury in the industry. While waiting for the drop, scroll down to see pictures of Kanye behind the scenes in his design area and take a look at his favorite shoe from Yeezy – the new moon boot that we luckily saw in action on the catwalk. and check out the powerful black and white cover shot by Paolo Pellegrin. To read the full interview, click WSJ. magazine.

Image source: Getty / Arnold Jerocki


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