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Spring can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers and I learned my lesson the hard way last year with my worst outbreak of eczema to date. This time, I really hope that all the LED light therapy and amazing face creams I've used in the past few months have tightened my skin barrier so much that I survived this season unscathed. However, relying on my trusted products may not be enough. I need to add other products that can improve my routine or relieve my skin when it is irritated.

I decided to look at AROMATICA. This vegan, cruelty-free brand appreciates the power of nature, which is supported by its clean beauty approach and practices. I chose products that contain ingredients that balance, moisturize and soothe the skin, such as soothing marigolds, energizing and refreshing roses, and an unusual selection of dandelions.

Rose Absolute Cream Cleanser

What is it? A creamy foam cleaner that is filled with 100% damask rose water and extracts of aloe, marigold, elder and gooseberry and nourishes and radiates the skin, with a more resistant moisture barrier.

My thoughts:

I picked up this product the moment I saw the words "cream cleaner". Most Korean facial cleansers are foamy and are not suitable for dry and sensitive skin like mine, as they tend to tighten the skin. It turns out that this cleaner is just a creamier foam cleaner. Compared to other foam cleaners that I've tried in the past, the extra creaminess of this cleanser makes my skin feel less dry and tight after use.

Reviving the Rose Infusion Treatment Toner

What is it? A semi-emulsified treatment toner mixed with organic rose water from Bulgarian damask revitalized the skin with a healthy glow.

My thoughts:

This product corresponds to the environmentally conscious image of AROMATICA and is packaged in a milk bottle made from 100% recycled glass. The toner consists of two layers: a light pink top layer and a transparent bottom layer, which makes up most of the product. When shaken, the two layers merge into a strawberry milk-like mixture. Formulations that contain roses usually have a strong floral aroma, but these have a much gentler odor that is still undeniably rosy. The toner itself is soothing and refreshing, leaving a soft, moist finish that resembles the feeling of the skin after using a leaf mask. This toner is not only vegan, it also contains no synthetic fragrances. I use it twice a day after cleaning and have had no reactions so far.

Dandelion female gel

What is it? A pH-balancing detergent based on plants, which was developed especially for sensitive and sensitive areas. Formulated using refreshing and organic extracts from aloe and dandelion, as well as probiotics and prebiotics to regulate pH.

My thoughts:

This body wash is an additional step that is tailored to more sensitive and intimate areas of the body and contains practically no odor in its viscous, gel-like texture – an unusual texture for a shower gel. The skin does not feel greasy or sparkling clean and is washed off quickly and without residue. It is not limited to women only. Men can use it too. I have been using it twice a day for about three weeks and have not noticed any abnormalities or reactions so far.

Calendula Soothing relief mask

What is it? Organic mask leaves with 75.89% marigold, olive leaf ferment, bifida ferment extract and aloe vera to soothe, calm and care for the skin.

My thoughts:

I love putting on a sheet mask after a nice hot shower. Then my cheeks look more reddish. While wearing this mask, I felt my flushed cheeks calm down thanks to the aloe vera and marigold extracts that create a cooling sensation and give the mask a light herbal scent. The essence has a viscous, watery consistency that really feels moisturizing. My skin drank it well and left practically no residue and not even a little bit of stickiness. There is also a whole lot of excess in the pack that can be used for the body, but not so much that it would be wasted.

The judgment

The Rose Absolute Cream Cleanser has a nice and gentle rose scent and its creamy texture is well distributed when massaging the face. Unfortunately, despite its moisturizing power, the sparkling clean finish is not for me (nor for someone with dry skin). I think foam cleaners are definitely better for people with normal and combination skin who need sebum regulation. Since my skin doesn't produce much oil, I can only use this detergent in the evening. I fear that if I use it in the morning and evening, my skin will become too dry.

The Reviving the Rose Treatment Toner is both pleasing to the eye and therapeutic for the skin. I really like how refreshing and yet moisturizing it is. It dries to a soft finish and goes well with the detergent. I would like it a little more if it had more anti-aging benefits, but so far it has earned a place in my skin care for the season.

Feminine lingerie has always been a must for me – I see it as a marketing concept rather than a product with significant results. I have stuck to the use of water and occasionally cold pressed coconut oil and have had no problems with unbalanced pH for years. The Dandelion female gel is anything but flashy and chic. A humble product that does its job, cleanses and feels good on the skin. It's not necessarily a must for me, but it would be good to have it with you if my pH ever got mixed up again.

Last but not least, I might be a bit biased when it comes to anything about marigolds, but I absolutely love it Calendula Soothing relief mask. Calendula is a holy grail ingredient for sensitive skin that never lets me down. Apart from how beautifully this mask moisturizes my skin, I love the mild herbal scent and the wonderfully refreshing finish.


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