Ana de Armas Vogue Spain April 2020

Vogue España April 2020: Ana de Armas by Thomas Whiteside

Ana de Armas is on fire. Fresh from the cover of the Vanity Fair, the Cuban-Spanish actress is recording the cover of Vogue Spain for April 2020. The release has sparked a surge of success on our forums lately, with several stunning covers featuring Karlie Kloss, Edie Campbell and Hailey Bieber. And the hits keep coming back with the photographer Thomas Whiteside and the stylist Juan Cebrian, who come together to create a gorgeous cover, in which Ana looks absolutely stunning in Givenchy.


Another win for Vogue Spain. "Wonderful! Vogue Spain always comes up with these breathtaking, but simple, minimalistic covers. It could actually become their new identity. Pose, art direction and colors are perfectly mixed," praised Benn98.

“From the color palette to the layout to the motif, this is a great cover! Light years before their Vanity Fair. She is an inherently beautiful woman and it doesn't take much to highlight it, and this team did it right, ”aracic agreed.

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"I really love that. Everything works. One of the best they have ever had, ”MON repeated.

In agreement with how perfect everything looked, HeatherAnne was: "Beautiful, the relaxed pose and color palette complement her beauty so perfectly."

“A really fabulous cover, extremely strong and commanding. Thomas Whiteside did Ana justice, just loves everything about this entire cover, from the pose to the pink masthead in combination with the red background. Peeeeerfect. Bravo, Vogue Spain! "applauded vogue28.

"It's simple yet sexy, I like it! Ana is an actress that I also like, and it's great to see her book these covers …" Bluestar added.

(Piece Of Me) described the cover as "simple and eye-catching" and we could not agree.

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