5 Merchandise Suzanne Somers Cannot Dwell With out

Suzanne Somers

Image: Courtesy

Given the current mandate to stay at home, actress, writer, and businesswoman Suzanne Somers, who is 73 years old and wrote the new book A New Way to Age: The Latest Advances in Anti-Aging, spends more time two of their favorites to do things. "For one, I make myself comfortable in NakedCashmere. I live in their cashmere sweatpants and hoodies! They are so comfortable and soft. I have them in three colors: cream, gray and black."

Another must for Somers, especially in these uncertain times, is their daily green juice. “Every morning I start my day with a smoothie made from kale, spinach, apple, lemon and ginger. It's delicious and no matter what I eat for the rest of the day, I know I've drunk at least two to three cups of organic fruit and vegetables. "

Undoubtedly, it is this preference to take care of yourself that has contributed to its seemingly timeless appearance. But it doesn't stop at cashmere and green juice. Here's a look at the five products Somers swears to look young (and feel young).


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