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DIY beauty recipes

Quarantine Life Update – I Feel Better!

Hi Guys! Wow – crazy times we live in, right? Los Angeles has been "safer at home" for some time now, but my husband and I have been practicing social distancing for some time and have not left our home since March 15th. Like you, I had all kinds of emotions and the fear, cabin fever and depression are real.

I had flu (including fever) a week ago that really scared me. I have thyroid cancer and health problems that cause shortness of breath. I am therefore afraid that the corona virus (and the overloaded hospitals here in LA) could mean a life or death situation for me. Fortunately, I am MUCH better and I am on the mend. My husband also caught everything I had and he is sick in bed but has not had a fever so far. Angry!

We are very careful. We constantly wash our hands, wipe packages or grocery deliveries that come into the house, or temporarily quarantine them. Take short walks around the neighborhood (avoiding people on the street). We stay away from friends and family, especially my husband's older parents, who are at increased risk.

When the outbreak started, I was so scared that I had to use prescription medication to avoid a panic attack. Since I got sick, the feeling has turned into tiredness and depression. Now that I'm on the mend, I'm finally feeling a little more normal. I wanted to talk to you about Instagram stories to see how you feel and update yourself on the blog, but so far I've just been wiped out.

Now that I feel a bit more like myself, I want to think about how I (and you) can be busy. One thing I thought could be fun is to share some DIY beauty recipes from my blog and other beauty bloggers. Not only does this give you something to focus on besides terrible news and upset people on Facebook, it can also be something you can do with your kids or other family members. Some of you may have supply and / or money problems, and I thought this could help. I wish I had a DIY toilet paper recipe, but unfortunately I can't help you with that!

DIY hair and skin recipes

DIY beauty recipes to keep you busy during self-isolation

Let's start with the hand disinfectant. There are a lot of DIY hand sanitizer recipes out there, and some over-dilute the alcohol. Please read this post from Michelle from Lab Muffin Beauty Science.

Simple DIY beauty recipes

DIY bubble mask by Phyrra

DIY cruelty free hair mask recipes

Body Balm and Curl Booster from The Vegan Gloss

14 DIY homemade lotion and massage bar recipes

DIY Vegan Lip Plumper by The Fabzilla

DIY vegan skin scrub recipes for dry skin

The recipe for a coconut coffee foot scrub for a girl's girl

DIY vegan face masks

Eucalyptus & Spearmint Foot Mask from The Vintage Modern Wife

DIY vegan hair masks

Simple Charcoal Face Mask from Phyrra

5 DIY hair masks for shiny hair

Mix your own tinted foundation from Phyrra

DIY face masks for dry skin

Hope these can help! I would like to hear how you deal with the “new normal”. Please hit me on social media!


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