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I had never heard of Neulii before I came across the AC Clean Saver line, but after trying these three products (spoiler: they saved my skin), I'm officially a fan – sign up for the glow sticks and Fan chants on!

What is the AC Clean Saver Line?

This line consists of toner, serum and cream and addresses various problems by relieving troubled and sensitive skin, controlling excess sebum secretion, brightening dull skin with niacinamide and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines with adenosine. MultiEx BSASM Plus ™ also relieves symptoms of atopic dermatitis. This collection is not comedogenic (meaning the products do not clog pores or aggravate blackheads and whiteheads), inexpensive and multifunctional and is marketed by Neulii as suitable for beginners in skin care and for those who want to stimulate a routine.

First impressions

I was immediately impressed by the light texture of these products. As a skincare minimalist (a.k.a. just a lazy person), I was concerned about including three new products in my nightly routine, but I was looking forward to this little pampering session and religiously adhering to it. It helped that they basically didn't need time to dry and immediately settled in my skin. I also liked the fragrance, which was not too heavy or artificial. I think it smells exactly like Fanta (while others around me noticed ginger notes) – sweet but still light. Another bonus is that all three are delivered in travel-friendly packaging. The toner is 100 ml, the serum is 45 ml and the cream is 30 ml. It is a relief to know that I do not have to find a temporary replacement on vacation – these are with me both at home and while traveling.

Deep digging


This product, known as the toner meets essence, surprised me with its viscosity because I expected a more watery texture. Since the bottle has only the smallest holes, you have to shake it fairly hard to dispense enough liquid. I originally tried to use a cotton pad, but I would recommend pouring the product directly onto clean hands and patting it on the skin as it is easier to get the most out of every drop this way. Despite its gel-like consistency, the toner actually feels very light when applied. It soaks into the skin quickly, leaving a refreshing, non-sticky finish.


Like the toner, the serum sinks easily into the skin and is pleasantly light (albeit a little thicker, as a serum should be). However, what may make it my least preferred among the three is its slightly sticky, waxy finish, which makes it comparatively difficult to spread over the skin.


Creams usually have a certain weight, but this maintains the soothing lightness that remains constant throughout the AC Clean Saver line without sacrificing its moisture factor. It settles gently on the skin and immediately creates the feeling of smoother skin.

Did you work?

After spending a week in a much drier place, my skin didn't adapt well to the very dirty and humid city I live in. Together with lack of sleep due to jet lag, this meant really bad outbreaks – only those persistent pimples would not go away. Fortunately, the AC Clean Saver line appeared at just the right time.

Within a week of consistent use, my skin showed visible, significant improvements. Not only did I no longer get new pimples, I also woke up with smooth and supple skin that felt cleaner and healthier. My complexion also got a radiant glow from the inside and the discoloration gradually faded to a more even skin tone. Even though I was wearing a surgical mask with basic makeup for eight hours a day, my skin still looked fresh and dull at dinner. These products effectively control sebum production and thereby increase the permanent power of my make-up.

I cannot confirm the performance of the AC Clean Saver line for people with atopic dermatitis, sensitive skin or wrinkles and fine lines. However, given that the collection works well for me and my skin, I would still 100% recommend it to those who suffer from these skin problems.


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