Natasha Poly Vogue Russia April 2020

Vogue Russia April 2020: Natasha Poly by Claudia Knoepfel

On our forums, Natasha Poly is a model who can't go wrong. Whether she's nailing the "new sexy" for Vogue Japan, proving that she's the ultimate cover star at Vogue Paris or taking a wild pose for Balmain's advertising campaign, Natasha always makes it clear. So we are not surprised to see that Russian beauty will return to Vogue Russia in April 2020 with excitement. On the occasion of her 60th Vogue cover appearance, Natasha appears angelic as she sits on the studio floor and wears a white lace dress from Givenchy's Spring 2020 Haute couture collection by Olga Dunina for the picture taken by Claudia Knoepfel.


But Natasha's latest version didn't hit the mark. “A bit boring and unforgettable for me. It's not just zoomed out, the art direction looks like an afterthought and I don't understand the styling. It's ridiculous to think that both the photographer and the publisher actually pushed this forward as a cover photo, ”said Benn98.

"Was so excited to see Natasha, but this cover is terrible! The boots are the biggest eyesore, I can't even … such a shame, ”aracic agreed.

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“Minimalism doesn't always mean elegance. Her hair looks messy and this dress looks like your grandmother's curtains and we all know how uncomfortable such heavy, rough boots are in warm weather. A Vogue cover has always been a window into a beautiful fairy tale, now it's just a window into a provincial street, ”Minerva13 intervened.

The forum member, Tigerrouge, shared the same feeling: "I feel like I've seen this before – and the only thing missing is a baby. Bring the glamor back."

"Why? Why are they doing this in 2020?" GivenchyHomme asked.

"Perhaps Natasha's most beautiful moment is not on a magazine cover, but I will never complain about Natasha Poly on Vogue's cover – never!" A die-hard poly fan through and through here, so I'm sold no matter what the result is, ”added vogue28.

Check out the supplement cover (with Natasha and her two adorable kids) and join in here.


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