The Rise of the Boudoir Spring 2020 Trend Pattern

Rihanna attends the 2014 Council of Designer of America Awards (CFDA) at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center on June 2, 2014 in New York City. AFP PHOTO / Timothy A. CLARY (Photo credit should be TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP via Getty Images)

If you laze around in your fabulously silky underwear at home, you are already ahead of one of the most popular spring trends in fashion: boudoir dressing. A woman's boudoir may be an outdated idea, but it seems that the fascination with fashion for a past femininity continues from the dresses with puffed sleeves on the prairie to the fur-trimmed robes in the locker room.

The boudoir was once understood as a woman's private living room in a very wealthy home. When we think of boudoir today, many of us immediately have evidence of a woman floating around her walk-in closet with curlers, fluffy slippers and an extravagant robe. Although the idea of ​​the boudoir has faded, the aesthetics it inspires could not be more relevant.

Premier fashion search engine Tagwalk In his autumn / winter 2020 trend report, it was published that the search for "boudoir" has increased by 140 percent compared to the autumn / winter 2019 season. At the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks in particular, boudoir dressing was named the top 4 fashion trend in addition to volume (think of puff sleeves and tulle), fringe details and a metallic look.

The best interpretations of the boudoir trend were found on the runways in autumn 2020 by Alexander McQueen and Fendi. They included Victoria Beckham's pink satin bra tops, Atlein's satin quilted coats, and the black lace lingerie designed by Saint Laurent and Tom as evening wear.

"Lace and the boudoir are associated with romance, self-care and imagination."

It was interesting to see that boudoir-inspired looks on the runways were as popular as latex in late 2020. Although lace and latex are more suitable for the bedroom, the boudoir dressing is much more versatile than angular latex fabrics. When we say boudoir, we are referring to designs that remind us of luxury – think of silk, satin, lace, ribbons, organza, robes, quilting, fur-trimmed mules, bustiers and corsets. In contrast to latex, boudoir dressing can either be sweet and girlish in pastel tones or more sensual in black and red tones. While latex carries ideas of power and sex, lace and boudoir are associated with romance, self-care and imagination.

Our fascination with boudoir started with the not so modest bare dress – the year was 2014 and the icon was Rihanna. When she showed up on the CFDA red carpet in a Swarovski-studded Adam Selman dress with matching fur stole and durag, it was certainly one of the most memorable appearances on the red carpet of the 2010s. Since then, the bare dress has been a red carpet winner with megastars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Zendaya, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid used as a fashion weapon. But what does Boudoir react to and why now?

"Lace is one of the few substances that are still gender-specific."

With the exception of Zendaya, all the women mentioned above use their sensuality as a large part of their star power to attract both media and financial attention. Donatella Versace said famously, "I think a dress is a weapon for a woman to get what she wants." And when it comes to fashion, there are few sentences that sound more true. Whether that means wearing a floral dress with puff sleeves to look cute and disarming, or a cape dress to announce your defiance of a monarchy or patriarchy – the boudoir trend not only recognizes the power of feminine sensuality, but takes advantage of it for his own benefit. while seem vulnerable and exposed.

The boudoir dressing fits well between the cuteness of the prairie trend and the obvious sexuality of leather and latex looks. It needs what is traditionally seen as private and hidden and shows it confidently in public. Although it attracts unsurpassed attention, the defining substance of the trend – lace – is one of the few substances that are still gender-specific. There is an element of hyper-femininity with boudoir aesthetics, and perhaps this fashion trend opens up a conversation about why lace is still one of the last taboos of fashion.

A closer look at the key moments of pop culture and fashion design that led to boudoir dressing being one of the biggest trends in spring.


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