Reese Witherspoon Self-importance Honest April 2020

Vanity Fair April 2020: Reese Witherspoon by Jackie Nickerson

It's safe to say that Vanity Fair is back on our radar. The title ended in 2019 with an impressive RuPaul cover and won us over with its annual Hollywood issue earlier this year (although last month the magazine disappointed us with a less than outstanding Ana de Armas offering). Now Radhika Jones gives Reese Witherspoon the cover of Vanity Fair for April 2020 three years after the star's last appearance. Actress Little Fires Everywhere, filmed by Jackie Nickerson on location in Inner Gardens in Malibu and styled by Samira Nasr, had during of the cover shoot with a breathtaking creation by Giambattista Valli clearly fun.


But were our forum members impressed? “Even if they have a safe and popular choice, they still manage to mess them up. The styling looks absurd and I understand what the expression / pose promises, but it only looks awkward for a cover, ”said Benn98.

"What the hell is she wearing?" asked a stunned Caioherrero.

"It's a choice. I'm rarely disappointed with Reese's covers, but this could be one of them," MON admitted.

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KINGofVERSAILLES was also not particularly impressed: “Both eyes closed on the cover of a magazine? That is new. In truth, I greet Radhika every time she produces a cover that looks unique compared to Graydon Carter's Vanity Fair. That certainly fits the bill and I want to like it, but it just looks a little too much like a "funny" outtake. "

However, not everyone agreed. "I want to hate that because it's everything I hate in a magazine cover (no argument with the reader about the subject and a full length recording), but somehow I don't loathe the result? Maybe it's Reese or just that The fact that it's different and out of the norm for Vanity Fair, ”said vogue28.

"It's cute and fun – I'm not complaining!" Exclaimed Srdjan.

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